OF JULY 8, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board called a special meeting on Wednesday, July 8, 1998, preceding the Ways & Means Committee meeting at the St. Louis Park Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, S.Charles, M.McConnell, L.Jennings, S.Louis, J.Foster, G.Wronka, J.Heit, C.Ahrens & B.Berg.

GUESTS: Mary White & JoAnn Harris (OBF), Laura McCullum (MPR).

President Baskin called the meeting to order and asked Mary White to introduce JoAnn Harris, the Library's new budget analyst.



At the June Library Board meeting, a special committee was appointed to develop a process for Library Board review of the Internet Policy. A meeting was held with Dick Mueller, Patti Baskin, Charles Brown, Sharon Charles, Michael McConnell, and Daphne DePorres (who volunteered to assist with process). The current policy was approved about one year ago with a full staff information presentation; but since there is a new Board member, and members have varying technology backgrounds, there is a need for background/information to be presented to the Library Board again so everyone is operating from the same page. Proposal: Library Board needs to respond to the Resolution.

PROCESS: Will take one hour prior to each Ways & Means Committee meeting as a special Library Board meeting until around November, schedule to be adjusted accordingly. The meetings are planned to educate and review information about the Internet.
Today's meeting will begin with a chronology of the issue by C. Brown; M.McConnell will review how children are using the Internet and their customer needs; J.Heit will present information on KidLinks activities.
The second meeting, August 12, 4-5:00, will involve training on the Internet by Glenn Peterson (worthwhile for everyone on the Board no matter level of expertise).
Third meeting will be September 9. Staff members, Cathy Fischer and Kim Edson will present ALA information on Internet and discuss activities in other libraries (if time permits).
Fourth meeting is scheduled for the same date as one of the Pen Pals events so date will be changed from October 14 to October 21; topic to be Sharon Charles' presentation on tools available and, if not already covered, a review of what other libraries are doing.
Fifth meeting on November 18 will be for discussion and possible decision; input from staff has been requested; information presented at the full series of meetings needs to be available to be shared with the Commissioners and the public; therefore, special meetings will be audiotaped (with exception of Internet training). Request for any other concerns/information needs from other Board members. M. Jackson has picked up Internet materials at the recent ALA conference and will share with other Board members.

Chronology: C.Brown reported that in May 1996 public work stations were available in all libraries providing access to the Internet (text only). In January 1996 HCL began installing Netscape graphical access to the world wide web, starting with Plymouth, and all buildings had to be re-wired to provide Netscape access. At end of 1996 there were 10 HCL buildings with Netscape, and by mid-1997 all HCL buildings had access to world wide web. At May 28, 1997, Library Board meeting at Brookdale, Mr. Don Pehta addressed the Library Board regarding his concerns about Netscape accessibility at the Library and suggested a filtering program for the library system; he had not personally observed anything, but was concerned about access. During summer/fall of 1997 the Library Board reviewed its Internet Use Policy : at July 9 Ways & Means Committee meeting, August 6 regular Board meeting, and adopted the current Internet Use Policy at the Sept. 24, 1997 Board meeting, following extensive presentations by staff. On May 11, 1998, the Library received a letter from Mr. Tom Brock who had observed two teenage girls looking at an adult site at the Brookdale Library. Library Board President Patti Baskin responded to his letter on May 21. On June 2, the County Board submitted an Internet resolution for review. On June 23 at a County Board Committee meeting, a resolution was presented and on June 30 the County Board adopted a revised resolution. The Library was highlighted on June 30 NewsNight Minnesota on channel 2 (video was previewed).

Linda Jennings will follow up with Channel 2 on feedback from the program.

Jack Cole requested clarification on process used for original complaint. He hopes to use the process as an educational experience and encourage County Commissioners to contact a county department head when a constituent complaint is received. Marilyn Jackson inquired about use of Request for Reconsideration process for the Internet complaint.

J. Cole asked if the policy review plan calls for review of the collection policy in conjunction with the Internet Policy as he feels that Internet is part of the materials in the collection; C. Brown reported on staff discussions on the issue.

Youth Use of Internet/KidLinks: M. McConnell distributed three pieces of literature:
--HCL piece "Safety on the Web"
--National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/Interactive Services Association -
"Child Safety on the Information Highway"
--ALA - "The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace For Parents & Kids"

Questions/Requests from Library Board:
--Need information from educators--check with Washburn school that has plans to supply a computer to each student.
--Review and clarify differences between school and public libraries.

Julaine Heit presented information on the KidLinks program (family/child technology centers) with a purpose of providing technology access to families. Through the HCL marketing survey outcome, the largest request was for word processing and Internet access. Prototype sites for KidLinks: Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, and Brookdale.

P. Baskin read a thank you note from Linda Engberg for her resolution and support for HCL (accompanied with a box of cookies).

P. Baskin reported that there is a need for a one hour commitment for final Library Board development session with Daphne DePorres. A couple of Board members indicated that November would be soon enough; however Ms. DePorres contract expires at end of August and this training was requested by Commissioner Tambornino.
Session was scheduled for August 5, 3:00 p.m., at Rockford Road, prior to the Library Board meeting and reception for Jack Cole.

Motion to adjourn was made by P. Kelly and seconded by J. Cole; meeting was adjourned.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary