OF JULY 14, 1999

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, July 14, 1999, at the Library Administrative Offices.

PRESENT: Jack Cole, President
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, S.Charles, N.Perron, C.DeGraff, E.Feinberg, S.Louis, J. Morgan, & C.Ahrens.
GUESTS: Jeff Scherer (Library Foundation) and JoAnn Harris (OBF)

President Cole called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Public Comment: None.

The minutes of the June 23, 1999 meeting had been mailed to Library Board members. Motion to approve the minutes was made by P. Kelly; seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.


Policy Committee: C. Walsh reported that the first meeting of this committee will be held July 19 or 20, at Edina or Southdale library; Carol will notify Marilyn of date/location as requested.


Budget 2000: D. Cramer reported that the Library budget is due to Budget & Finance on July 15. Later in July, C. Brown & D. Cramer will meet with Sandy Vargas and OBF staff to review the Library request. There are four key areas of focus for the meeting with Vargas: 1) collection, 2) technology, 3) temporary salaries, and 4) training and conference. The Library is not requesting any new positions. The County Board presentation of the Library budget is scheduled for Thursday, October 7, 9:00 a.m.

Motion to recommend the 2000 budget as submitted was made by P. Kelly, seconded by C. Walsh. Question was raised on expected revenues, esp. projected coffee shop revenues; there were additional discussion items related to the budget. Motion was approved with a vote of 4 yea, 1 nay.

At Marilyn Jackson's request, the detailed budget pages were distributed to the Library as they will be submitted to OBF; she also requested that in the future the detailed budget pages (not the roll-up) be shared with the Library Board prior to final review & recommendation.

Building Updates: Sandy Louis reviewed the planned Ridgedale moving/re-opening schedule. Nancy Perron updated the Library Board on plans for the re-opening events/activities. C. Brown asked if Library Board members would like a tour of the facility on August 4 (since meeting was cancelled); Board members present agreed to the tour; details will be sent to Lib Bd members. C. Brown has invited Commissioners Tambornino and Opat and County Administrator Vargas to also attend the tour. Will show the Automated Materials Handling video at a future meeting when all 7 Lib Bd members are present.

Update/Status of Strategic Plan 1998-2001: Julia Morgan had prepared a status of the Strategic Directions that was mailed to Library Board members. Library staff is beginning a new planning process this month, and C. Brown hopes to have a new document in place during 2000.
Director's Office will send Library Board members the Library section of the County Board Strategic Plan Update that was recently produced.

County Board Briefing Update: C. Brown reported on a planning conference call he had with Joey Rodger and Peter Young. Library staff is working on setting up a "de-briefing" lunch for the Library Board with Rodger and Young following the Briefing.

September 22 Meeting: New Library Board meeting schedules were distributed. The September 22 meeting has been changed from Brookdale to the Brooklyn Park Library -- to see the renovated building.

Resolution for Ridgedale Meeting Room Naming: A draft resolution had been mailed to the Library Board for consideration. M. Jackson moved the resolution, seconded by Walsh/Kelly/Mueller; motion passed unanimously. Library staff will notify Commissioner Opat.

Library Foundation Status Report: Present for discussion--Chris DeGraff (Foundation Executive Director), Jeffrey Scherer (Foundation Board Vice President) and Phyllis Louise Harris (Foundation staff). C. DeGraff noted that the report had been mailed to the Library Board and instead of any formal presentation, he was available to address any specific questions; several questions from Library Board members were answered by Foundation representatives.
Topic to be add to the Library Board October meeting agenda: Discussion of Library Foundation Initiatives.

C. Brown reported on the Minnetonka Library 10th anniversary event.

J.Cole, President: Reported that he and David Cramer are briefing Peggy Rasmussen of the Capital Budget Task Force (and also a Foundation Board member).

ALA Attendance Reports
M. Jackson: was primarily involved with ULC activities. April 28-30, 2000 -- dates for the ULC Leadership Symposium to be held in New Haven.
D. Mueller: trend is to change the word from "patron" to "customer". ALTA organization name has changed to American Library Association for Trustees and Advocates -- broader scope.
J. Cole: attended a pre-conference on re-defining the role of trustees. He purchased the Benton report full package ("The Future's in the Balance") including 2 videos, PowerPoint presentation, & audio cassettes.

C. Walsh: MELSA trustee group is beginning to work on planning a fall trustee workshop.

Grants: C. Brown mentioned the two Foundation grant proposals from staff--one for funding of one of the presenters at Staff Development Day, and one for funding of a program at the Ridgedale Re-opening; he also reported on a Latino grant project in Richfield at the AP Library.

Gift Acceptance
Motion was made by P. Kelley to accept the gifts; seconded by M. Jackson; motion passed.

$ 197.00 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library for a one-year subscription to Investor's Business Daily.
 619.89 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for paperback books - Juvenile, Read-To-Win prizes and the circulating collection at Ex.
 285.00 Friends of the Golden Valley Library to the Golden Valley Library for a Super Turtle (a stuffed turtle for the children's room).
 90.00 Friends of the Minnetonka Library to the Minnetonka Library for Read-To-Win paperback books.
 130.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library to purchase materials for the STAR program.
 173.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for a sign: Children's Program in Progress.
 864.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for MELSA Reading Records and 12 Summer Programs.
 500.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for Read-To-Win books.
 25.00 Robbinsdale Library Club to the Rockford Road Library in memory of Margaret Van Dyke.
 199.31 Friends of the St. Bonifacius Library to the St. Bonifacius Library to purchase books for the summer reading program.
 72.78 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library to purchase board books for the "Happy Birthday" one-year old program.
 600.00 Old Navy to the Southdale Library for Children's Programs, 6 juvenile nonfiction books, and a large American Flag for exterior flagpole.
 620.80 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for Super Readers summer program.
 18.31 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for colored paper for displays and programs.

Meeting was adjourned.

Marilyn Jackson, Secretary