OF OCTOBER 28, 1998

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, October 28, 1998, at the Penn Lake Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, S.Charles, C.DeGraff, A.Eccles, J.Morgan, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.

GUESTS: JoAnn Harris (OBF), Kay Runge (Davenport, IA)

President Patti Baskin called the meeting to order and welcomed audience members.

Chris DeGraff, Library Foundation: Charles Brown introduced Mr. Chris DeGraff, the new Executive Director of the Library Foundation. Chris reviewed current Foundation activities and his leadership techniques.

Penn Lake Library - Ann Eccles
A. Eccles gave an update on the Penn Lake building which opened in 1977--recent roofing project, new reference desk and furnishings. Many projects are cooperative with both Bloomington libraries--Penn Lake and Oxboro. Penn Lake has about 50-50 circulation--half adult, half juvenile.

Minutes of September 9, 1998 Special Library Board meeting: motion by P. Kelly, seconded by M. Jackson to approve the minutes; motion passed.
Minutes of September 23, 1998 Monthly Library Board meeting : motion by P. Kelly, seconded by M. Jackson to approve the minutes; motion passed.

Ways & Means Committee: Bob Zaragoza reported on the October 21 meeting which highlighted four points: 1) Bestseller Express program was approved by the County Board; 2) revenue policy was approved by the W & M Committee; 3) County Board breakfast meeting expenses were approved from undesignated gift fund; and 4) November Ways & Means Committee meeting is cancelled.

Library Board Policy Committee: Marilyn Jackson reported that the committee will be meeting to review the Internet Policy. Proposal/timing: 1) Policy Committee will meet during November for review of the policy and comparison with other metro policies; 2) presentation of any changes to the Policy at the December 2 meeting; and 3) discussion and finalize at December 16 special meeting. B. Zaragoza asked if invitations have been extended to filtering advocates to address the Library Board; clarification that based on the County Board resolution, filtering was not an alternative to be considered.


J. Morgan reported that P. Baskin had a meeting with Commissioner Opat to discuss Library Board concerns and a revised sign design; the cost was $6,500-10,000 per sign, based on the proposed design; need is for 25 signs. Commissioner Opat proposed that the funding for this project would not be from Library budget, but from other funds. From previous Library Board meeting minutes, an additional concern was expressed about the name change and related costs (e.g. stationary, etc.). There is very little affect on supply-type items because existing supplies will be used prior to new supplies being ordered. Commissioner Opat requests that the Library Board support and endorse: 1) name change to Hennepin Libraries; and 2) re-signing project. Following a great deal of discussion on the topic, a motion of support was made by D. Mueller; seconded by P. Kelly; motion passed with a vote of 5 ayes, 1 nay.

D. Mueller was assigned meetings with Penny Steele and Lynn Swon: L. Swon was very supportive of the library and would like more information if elected; P. Steele feels the library is over-capitalized.

P. Baskin said it was great to hold this meeting at the St. Louis Park Library, among the library materials, with delicious food and a very easy comfort level. Commissioner Johnson asked if the Library was prepared for the 21st century. P. Kelly recommended an agenda for future breakfast meetings. S. Vargas suggested to C. Brown the possibility of bringing in a national speaker to address the 21st century as relates to libraries for a County Board briefing [Future of Libraries]; C. Brown is working on some possibilities.


Carol Walsh agreed to serve on this committee for next year; Library Administration will notify the MELSA office.

Motion to approve the payment of any expenses for the Commissioner breakfast meeting from the Library Board Undesignated Gift Fund was made by D. Mueller, seconded by P. Kelly; motion passed.

M. Jackson distributed a draft of the Library Board Revenue Policy, in development for about 18 months, and she reviewed the discussion from the 10/21 Ways & Means Committee. D. Mueller moved approval of the policy, P. Kelly seconded. C. Walsh noted that she and M. Jackson have notes on all previous versions of the policy development if anyone is interested in reviewing. The motion passed.

President: P. Baskin reported that the Library Foundation is already working on the next Pen Pals series (the third); the Art Committee is proceeding with a proposal for this project.
MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole was absent; no report.
Other Board Members: M. Jackson reported that the Urban Libraries Council working group will be meeting in January at the ALA Midwinter Conference.

C. Brown had the following additions to his written report.
1) As reported at the 10/21 W&M meeting, the Bestseller Express fee was approved by the County Board.
2) Statistics: only an overall .69% circulation decrease, which is amazing with the closing of Ridgedale for construction.
3) Facilities: Possible relocation of Eden Prairie Library (registering 400 new borrowers per month); C. Brown will be discussing options with Commissioner Johnson. Also need to look at Maple Grove at the same time, or a commitment to both communities.
4) Introduction of Kay Runge, Davenport, Iowa, Library Director who is in MN for a conference.


Motion was made by D. Mueller and P. Kelly and seconded by B. Zaragoza to accept the gifts as listed; motion passed.
$ 441.00 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for on free standing literature displayer, two packages of extra dividers for same, plus shipping and handling.
62.00 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for two zig zag display inserts.
363.70 Friends of the Brookdale Library to the Brookdale Library for a work table.
16.95 Lorraine Higgins to the Champlin Library for one book Father Water, Mother Woods by Gary Paulsen, in memory of Jim Goodrich.
25.00 Shirley J. Coyer to the Hopkins Library in memory of Catherine Trowbridge to purchase large print books.
141.86 Friends of the Long Lake Library to the Long Lake Library for 2 large and 2 small revolving literature racks.
30.00 W. Balek a one-year subscription to Smithsonian Magazine to the Osseo Library.
425.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for a air purifier for the Readmobile.
260.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for a one-year subscription to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
200.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for the purchase of browsing materials.
85.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for two wall hangings from Demco for the Children's Area.
45.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for a two-year subscription to MAD Magazine.
219.95 Friends of the St. Anthony Library to the St. Anthony Library for a Sirco two-section lectern.
548.40 Friends of the St. Louis Park Library to the St. Louis Park Library for the following: MELSA stickers & bookmarks, board books for 1 year old birthday parties, tea cart, 2 coffee pots and display items.
25.00 Cate Agnew to the Southdale Library for a 10 x 13 Gilbert Sullivan portrait of Thomas Jefferson.
91.13 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for refreshments and supplies for the student Art Gala.

Motion to adjourn by P. Kelly, seconded by B. Zaragonza; motion passed.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary