The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, December 5, 2001, at the Ridgedale Area Library.

Present: President Carol Walsh, John Gibbs, Dawn Harris, Patricia Izek, Marilyn Jackson, David Pratt, Cynthia Steinke.

Library Staff Attending: C.Brown, S. Charles, D.Cramer, C. DeGraff, J. Leick, N.Perron, J.Morgan, M. Bell, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.

Guests: Katherine Batina (Library Board applicant), Marlene Moulton Janssen (MELSA Executive Director), Jym Wroblewski and Nancy Walton from State Library Development & Services, Roberta Jones (Assistant County Attorney), and Richard Johnson (Deputy County Administrator).

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by President Carol Walsh with welcome to guests and staff.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the October 24, 2001, meeting was made by C. Steinke, seconded by D. Harris; motion passed.


Policy Committee: Cynthia Steinke reported on status of policies -- Information Services Policy has been delayed for 6 months to see how the online services proceed, other policies are in the works and will be presented at future meetings..

Welcome & Public Comment
No public comment.
Two guests were introduced and each said a few words: Roberta Jones, Assistant County Attorney representing the Library; Marlene Moulton Janssen, the new MELSA Executive Director.

Julia Morgan introduced the program, Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), by giving some background information and by introducing Jym Wroblewski and Nancy Walton, MN Library Development and Services. N. Walton: CIPA (pronounced Cheepa) requires applicants to meet specific requirements depending on whether the funds received will be through e-rate or LSTA. For e-rate, an internet safety policy must be in place that was developed through a public meeting with public input. By next funding year (starting July 2002), libraries receiving e-rate discounts must also have a blocking or filtering technology in place on ALL internet workstations within the library, including staff workstations. Requirements for LSTA eligibility have not yet been published, but at present it appears that a public hearing on filtering would be necessary for compliance. The question is who would need to conduct the public hearing, since LSTA funds are a statewide program. What is MN doing as far as filtering? The full spectrum of responses by libraries.
Jym Wroblewski addressed the programs that would be affected by LSTA compliance standards. For public libraries the program is RLTA = Regional Library Telecommunication Aid. He recently attended LSTA workshop sponsored by IMLS in Washington, D.C. States need to comply with whatever federal regulations are put in place to be able to receive LSTA grant funds. Half of competitive grants in MN do go for technology, so CIPA will have quite an affect on the state.
M. Moulton Janssen: MELSA remains concerned about CIPA and has a task force working on the technology issue. MELSA is filing separately for e-rate funds for each member library. Each member has sent to MELSA the certification that is required or has rejected certification (MPLIC).
Recommendations from N. Walton: Keep documentation of all activities HCL has done in regards to Internet; keep documentation for 6-7 years; including a note that HCL has invited the state to attend a "public meeting" on compliance with e-rate and LSTA requirements.
[A copy of the tape from this Library Board meeting Program is available from the Library Director's Office.]


Operating Budgets - David Cramer distributed a 2001 budget status report and reviewed possible budget shortfall. He also distributed the 2002 Budget Summary rollout which reflects the Brookdale delay costs. The final 2002 budget will be confirmed at the January Library Board meeting.

Construction Projects Update - Charles Brown reported that extensive renovation at the Osseo City Hall will require closing the library Dec. 20 through the spring. The Edina Library opening is scheduled for Sunday, April 14, 2002. Hennepin County Property Services hopes to soon supply a timeline for Maple Grove Library.


2002 Library Board Meeting Schedule - Discussion and comments on the draft that was distributed. Delete meeting time statement at top of page/schedule since many of the times are different. Motion to approve the schedule was made by J. Gibbs, seconded by M. Jackson; motion passed.

Charles Brown reported that today's news headlines about the state budget shortfall will have a significant impact on the County budget. There was a request for an organizational diversity update from C. Brown; he reported that the library diversity plan and action is a priority for 2002. Another inquiry on the Mall of America status--nothing firm to report as yet.

Carol Walsh: Reminded everyone to send membership renewals for MLA and ALA to Cindy Ahrens to process. Over the past month she has attended many author readings, including Emerging Voices author David Eggers.
Art Initiatives update: Edina (done) and Hopkins - Marilyn Jackson; Ridgedale - David Pratt; St. Louis Park - Carol Walsh; and Eden Prairie - Cynthia Steinke.

Patricia Izek: Reported that she attended Henry Oerlete author program at Plymouth, a reminder of the many super programs at the smaller libraries.

Marilyn Jackson: ULC update -- she has been reappointed to the Urban Strategies Group of the Board and will be attending ALA Midwinter.

David Pratt: Noted Cindy Ahrens as recipient of the MLA President's Award.

No gifts for approval this month.

Motion to adjourn made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.

Patricia Izek, Secretary