The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, December 2, 1998, at the St. Louis Park Community Library.

PRESENT: Patti Baskin, President
Jack Cole
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Richard Mueller
Carol Walsh
J.L. (Bob) Zaragoza

LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, S.Charles, L. Anderson, C.DeGraff, E. Feinberg, C. Kritzler, J.Morgan, C.Ahrens, & B.Berg.

GUESTS: JoAnn Harris (OBF), Katherine Youngblood & Chip Brink (Library Foundation), Marilyn Maloney (County Attorney's Office)

President Patti Baskin called the meeting to order and welcomed guests.

St. Louis Park Community Library - Chuck Kritzler
Chuck Kritzler welcomed everyone to St. Louis Park Library and highlighted a St. Louis Park collaborative program (written up in Staff News) with "Wild Rumpus" bookstore and Health System MN. There are two pilot programs: one giving a book to each patient in the emergency room at a Minneapolis Clinic; and the other is to begin a permanent book collection.

Minutes of October 21, 1998 Ways & Means Committee meeting: motion by D.Mueller, seconded by J. Cole to approve the minutes; motion passed.
Minutes of October 28, 1998 Monthly Library Board meeting: motion by D. Mueller, seconded by P. Kelly to approve the minutes. Discussion items: last paragraph of first page, item was not voted on, no presentation/discussion will be made at the 12/2 meeting; last page B. Zaragoza's name is misspelled; discussion to be noted in 12/2 minutes; motion to accept the minutes was passed.

Library Foundation of Hennepin County: 1998 Foundation Board President, Chip Brink, presented background information on the Library Foundation. Various collaborations have included: the Children's Readmobile, Osseo School District, Adult Correction Facility (ACF), nurseries, Family Read-to-Me, Russian language collection at St. Louis Park, children's programs. For the past year there have been three focus areas: 1) Public Relations, 2) Family Technology Centers, and 3) art for Ridgedale Library. A proposed future project is "Library Cards for Kids"-with a goal of placing a library card in the hand of every kindergartner in Hennepin County. 1999 Foundation Board President, Katherine Youngblood presented an overview for the coming year: 1) Technology Committee will be re-charged with the receipt of funding; 2) plans are under way to meet one-on-one with Commissioners; 3) Leadership Breakfast project will get under way again; 4) hope to have a Foundation Board member attend each Library Board meeting; and 5) need to look at some BIG fundraising activities due to the funding commitments

The Library Board received and accepted the 1997 Foundation funding letter and list of donations.

Ways & Means Committee: Bob Zaragoza reported on the October 21 meeting which had been covered at the October 28 full Board meeting. C. Brown reported on a recent meeting with S. Vargas and discussion of the political environment on revenue generation. Based on a question from Library Board member, C. Brown and D. Cramer gave an update on the coffee shop situation. M. Jackson had three specific questions: 1) financial advantage of private vs. public vendor; 2) profit split vs. leasing space; and 3) has the Library looked into gourmet coffee machines for buildings too small for a coffee shop?

Library Board Policy Development Committee: Internet Policy: Carol Walsh reported that she had prepared a matrix comparison of some metro area libraries with the HCL Internet Policy and a narrative comparison to St. Paul Public Internet Policy (copies were distributed to Library Board). Jack Cole inquired about the process to be used for the December 16 full discussion of the policy; Patti Baskin responded that Vicki DeFord will facilitate the meeting discussion, policy will be re-written on-site, final decision will be made by conclusion of the meeting.
P. Baskin asked that all Library Board members review the policy, think about their reactions, prepare comments, and be ready to discuss fully. J. Cole made a request for a draft policy as a base to begin working with. Resources available at the meeting: V. DeFord, M. Maloney (County Attorney's Office), J. Morgan, M. McConnell, S. Charles, L. Jennings. C. Brown made a comparison to the Cleveland Public Library in three sections: 1) the Library Board policy statement on Internet use; 2) separate section dealing with guidelines (an appropriate place for HCL location of terminals, privacy screens, etc.); and 3) final section specifically addressing children and children on the Internet.

P. Baskin expressed her input that the current Policy is not working; Library Board has been asked "very nicely" by the Commissioners that there is a need to look at the current policy; and she believes it would be politically unwise to return to the Commissioners that the Library Board has taken no action on the policy.

M. Jackson's Policy Development input: 1) need to re-format the Internet Public Use Policy similar to the newly adopted Revenue Policy -- sets forth the Values, Principles, and Guidelines in bullet format; 2) agrees with J. Cole that there needs to be a written draft for the 12/16 meeting discussion; 3) move the sentence dealing with children and the Internet from page 2 to page 1 to make it more prominent for parents/guardians obligation to guide children's use of the Internet; 4) inquired about the applicability of the collections policy and the reconsideration request procedure to the Internet situation--need a mechanism for patrons to use the procedure for Internet; 5) add to the policy some notation about the fact that HCL takes measures to insure Internet users' privacy; 6) asked if there could be some standardized time limits mentioned in the policy--even though this might be considered "administrative" or "micro" but needed in the policy because of its unique nature; 7) the policy could include mention that HCL has warning signs or "duty" signs up for patrons to govern guidelines for proper use of the Internet; 8) inquired about library's policy of encouraging or discouraging the use of e-mail or chat rooms; and 9) suggested/asked about the possibility of the policy in revised form mentioning that filtered sites are available at the Library if patrons wish to use, but Library itself does not impose filters on content. E. Feinberg clarified that collection policy request for reconsideration applies only to recommended sites which is considered the same as selecting sites.

D. Mueller asked who had informed M. Jackson that recommended changes could not be made to the current policy; M. Jackson responded that a cover memo and draft revision had been shared with Committee members (copies were also distributed to full Library Board) and she read the first sentence from that memo as clarification. D. Mueller commented that on December 8 there was a Kidlinks demonstration at Brookdale--a Legislative presentation on three aspects of HCL Internet projects--and he asked what impact will that presentation have on public opinion or on putting the procedure and policy together, is the presentation only for internal or external people? C. Brown responded that the session may be cancelled due to low response, but the purpose is to demonstrate day-to-day use of the Internet within HCL.

J. Cole requested that all staff resources be included in the discussion and at the table for the meeting on December 16, everyone present is on an equal basis, final vote is the Library Board responsibility, but need the staff input.

P. Kelly's major concern, as an Internet novice, protecting Library Board in legal aspects, e.g. sign-off for children's use of Internet.

M. Jackson added input from previous Committee meeting: 1) request to add information about availability of Kidlinks and other search vehicles in the Policy; 2) policy as currently written, just from an outsider, sounds "cold and heartless" and could be more user friendly; 3) asked to add information in the Policy about public Internet training and guidance for the public and the availability of information brochures; and 4) M. Jackson mentioned her memo concerning the Kidlinks site, which raises some of the same questions, October 21, and her comments on Kidlinks sites--"add for kids not to give out information about parents or friends, not just themselves, add a warning not just safety tips, could we have kids go to safety tips before allowing Internet access as a condition for access, could we brighten up and simplify warning pages, could we ask kids to check OK that they've read and agreed to heed warnings and tips on safety, and finally, could we post warning signs by terminals even for adults as some other libraries have done."

M. Jackson requested interest in a motion for a draft Internet Public Use policy to review at least one week before the December 16 meeting; would require a meeting of the Policy Development Committee and working on the revision of Policy. Julia Morgan noted that she has not received any "hard" data on what the Library Board wants included in a revised policy, and needs specific recommendations. P. Baskin re-stated that this policy is a Library Board policy and needs to state exactly what the Library Board feels are important for inclusion and answerable to the County Commissioners.

J. Cole recommended instead of sharing ideas/thoughts now at this meeting, that Library Board members submit their thoughts and ideas they feel strongly about to someone, and share the list with all Library Board members. P. Baskin asked for Library Board volunteers to work on a revised Internet policy and discussion followed. B. Zaragoza raised a concern that this is a committee report that seems to have progressed to a policy discussion, and he requested clarification.

C. Brown suggested that each Library Board member share with him what is needed to strengthen or revise/change the current policy by Wednesday, December 9; then this information will be shared with Library Board prior to the December 16 meeting. The input will be shared with the County Attorney for review. By Monday, December 14, Library Board members will receive material for the December 16 meeting.

P. Kelly noted that she has been asked why staff can't just watch what's happening on the terminals and being used on Internet; she responds that staffing is an issue, and funding is an issue for building kids Internet centers in all libraries -- is her response correct? C. Brown responded that the St. Paul Public policy indicates that staff should watch for appropriate use of the Internet, but he is uncertain if the policy is always enforced; and Foundation and state grant funds are currently the funding source for the Kidlinks centers.


Review of Library Board/Library Foundation Agreement: P. Baskin wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the agreement. The Library Board needs to schedule a combined meeting with the Foundation Board to review/establish goals.

Conference and Travel Expense Budget-1999: B. Zaragoza moved approval of the proposed 1999 allocations; seconded by J. Cole. D. Mueller requested a change for his allocation to 2 shares -- $2,000 - due to his participation on an ALA committee. M. Jackson requested a need for a $2,200 allocation for her 1999 travel. D. Mueller would like to recommend reviewing year 2000 budget-he feels funds are not adequate for expected Library Board travel. Motion approving conference and travel budget was approved unanimously with the above two adjustments.

1999 Library Board Meeting Schedule: The current meeting time of 4:30 p.m. was OK with the Board; however, they will review the meeting schedule at the annual meeting in March. There was discussion of the Jan. 13 Ways & Means Committee meeting and if it was necessary. P. Kelly moved canceling the Jan. 13 W&M Committee; seconded by B. Zaragoza and M. Jackson; motion passed. Discussion of meeting locations; majority will be held at the Administrative Offices. D. Mueller moved accepting the amended meeting schedule; J. Cole seconded; motion passed.

Foundation Outreach Grant Proposal: C. Brown introduced Liz Anderson, head of Outreach service; the Grant Proposal had been mailed to Library Board members for review. B. Zaragoza asked if this was just start-up funding, and if continued maintenance would need to be supplied by operating budget; L. Anderson responded by defining the "start-up" funding. M. Jackson reminded Library Board members that County Commissioners often want to know why the Library Foundation doesn't continually supplement the collection budget. Motion to approve the Foundation grant was made by J. Cole and seconded; motion passed.

Nominating Committee: President Baskin appointed the following Board members to the Nominating Committee: Bob Zaragoza (chair), Peggy Kelly, and Dick Mueller.

In addition to his written report mailed to the Library Board, C. Brown reported on the following items.
Signage: C. Brown recently met with Commissioner Opat; library signage will not be part of the 1999 budget due to various feedback received.
Spamming Incident: S. Charles reported on the incident and software that has been installed to stop this from occurring again.
Bad Rap: CITY PAGES article was mailed to Library Board as an informational item. Library Board affirmed offering both formats to the public.

President: P. Baskin reported on Pen Pals for next season.
MELSA/Metronet: J. Cole reported that Metronet is sponsoring focus groups on ILL.
Other Board Members: D. Mueller is working on some federal legislation.


Motion was made by D. Mueller; seconded by J. Cole and C. Walsh to accept the gifts as listed; motion passed.

$ 200.00 Friends of the Augsburg Park Library to the Augsburg Park Library for honorarium for local author Lorna Landvik for October 15, 1998, program and annual meeting.
54.40 Friends of the Brookdale Library to the Brookdale Library for Children's board books.
150.00 Friends of the Brooklyn Park Library to the Brooklyn Park Library for purchase of AV materials for the collection.
29.91 Friends of the Champlin Library to the Champlin Library for the book, The Spirit of Christmas XII.
150.00 Mary P. Hanson to the Eden Prairie Library for the purchase of mystery audiotapes.
222.95 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for videos for the storytime collection.
272.98 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for programs.
257.30 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for five framed art prints in the Children's area.
1601.02 Friends of the Eden Prairie Library to the Eden Prairie Library for a globe, puppets, plants for outside containers, display units for artwork, and an umbrella for picnic table.
2000.00 Friends of the Edina Library to the Edina Library to purchase additional paperbacks.
495.19 Friends of the Excelsior Library to the Excelsior Library for one end of range shelving unit from Demco.
100.00 Marlyn H. and Charles S. Thomson to the Excelsior Library Friends for Children's materials (wallhanging from Demco and bookmarks).
375.62 Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for pens imprinted with Oxboro Library address and phone. For give aways to public.
400.00 Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for artwork to hang in public area of library.
115.00 Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for the presenter for 4 Bilingual storytimes (fall '98) and treats.
160.00 Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for some fall 1998 travel program presenters.
73.00 Friends of the Oxboro Library to the Oxboro Library for several ALA posters.
500.00 Friends of the Plymouth Library to the Plymouth Library for Read to Win prizes (summer program).
219.95 Friends of the St. Anthony Library to the St. Anthony Library for purchase of lectern.
25.00 Gerda Haas to the St. Louis Park Library for general purposes.
218.50 Friends of the Westonka Library to the Westonka Library for stools for patron use at reference desk.

Motion to adjourn by P. Kelly, seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.

J. L. Zaragoza, Secretary