The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday, December 1, 1999, at the Ridgedale Area Library.

PRESENT: Jack Cole, President
John Gibbs
Marilyn Jackson
Peggy Kelly
Dick Mueller
Carol Walsh
Bob Zaragoza
LIBRARY STAFF ATTENDING: C.Brown, D.Cramer, S.Charles, N.Perron, C. DeGraff, M. Bell, J.Morgan, M. Gillespie, C.Ahrens, & B. Berg.
GUESTS: D. Peterson (Lib Bd applicant), J. Harris (OBF)

President Cole called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Public Comment: None.

The minutes of the Oct. 27, 1999 meeting had been mailed to Library Board members. Motion to approve the minutes was made by D. Mueller; seconded by P. Kelly; motion passed.

Ways & Means Committee: B. Zaragoza reported on the Nov. 10, 1999 meeting. Discussed the year 2000 Capital and Operating Budgets as well as a capital budget project update. Two action items:
1) Year 2000 meeting schedule -- approved unanimously (with modification to the May meeting which starts at 8:00 a.m.). Motion was made by B. Zaragoza to accept the full Library Board 2000 Meeting Schedule, seconded by D. Mueller; request to add Library Legislative Day to the schedule; motion was passed.
2) Board Expense Policy -- Policy Chair made a presentation; Policy Committee fully endorsed the policy as presented; W&M Committee reviewed, discussed, and unanimously approved the policy and progressed to the full Library Board. As Chair of the W&M Committee, B. Zaragoza made motion to accept the policy as stated, seconded by C. Walsh; there was no discussion, motion passed.

Nominations Committee: J. Cole asked Chair B. Zaragoza to report on actions. Committee is currently accepting nominations for the office of President, Vice President, and Secretary. All trustees have been contacted and have been asked to respond to the Chair by Dec. 2 with recommendations. Committee will report at January Annual Meeting.

Policy Committee: C. Walsh presented the following report.
Internet Public Use Policy: The Policy Team has nothing to report at this time; however, library staff responsible for reviewing the policy are meeting next week and will make their recommendations. Comments should be received in hard copy form for inclusion in the Jan. 2000 meeting packet. Chair suggests that the January 26 Library Board meeting include time for a national and state Internet issues presentation from Julia Morgan, a discussion of the staff recommendations on the policy, and time for public comment. With Internet materials library staff has been sending to Board members, Chair believes that Board could have full discussion at the Feb. 23 meeting and vote on the policy.

[Update: Due to location change for the Jan. 26, 2000, Library Board meeting, the Internet policy presentation, discussion, and public comment, was deferred to the Feb. 23 meeting.]

Expense Policy: Has been approved under the Ways & Means Committee Report.

Friends Policy: Any changes to the policy do not have staff support. J. Morgan reported staff recommendation for no changes to the policy as presented to the Library Board. J. Cole asked when Friends groups will have the opportunity to review the policy and submit comments to Library Board. J. Morgan responded that there is no formal county-wide Friends group any longer; policy will be shared with individual library friends groups when approved. P. Kelly moved acceptance of the Friends Policy as presented, B. Zaragoza seconded. Question was raised about independence of Friends groups and the County Attorney's gift opinion; response by N. Perron. Policy was approved unanimously.

Ways & Means Committee: C. Walsh is soliciting opinion from all Library Board members regarding composition of the Ways & Means Committee. Originally W&M was an ad hoc policy committee and over time became a full policy committee. Would the Library Board like to see W&M revert to an ad hoc committee? Request to submit individual comments to Walsh by phone or e-mail by Dec. 17, 1999.

Information Services Policy: Has been distributed and revised as discussed and approved at the October 27, Library Board meeting. M. Bell was present to address any additional concerns/questions that Library Board members may have. No additional concerns at this time.

Funding Priorities for Library Foundation: C. DeGraff distributed the results from October Library Board "votes" on submitted projects. There are six items listed because of the vote tally [1) Partial funding of a Grants Manager position, within the Foundation office; 2) Creation of an author lecture series that would focus on introducing national emerging, topical and minority authors; 3) Full or partial funding of a youth services position that would serve to expand the "StartSmart" program; 4) Expanded use of the Readmobile; 5) Van-based library service to the community; and 6) Expansion of the Title I summer books-by-mail program to include more schools.] Understanding of the process: Library Board will decide on recommendations and submit to Foundation Board for consideration. Estimated costs are really "best guess" cost figures. J. Cole and C. DeGraff will discuss the list with Foundation Boards, and then will come back to Library Board with Foundation officers to discuss their priorities from the list. Need to remember that there are other initiatives that Foundation is also involved with--e.g. Pen Pals, art initiative.

Motion was made by M. Jackson to progress/transmit the funding priorities list to the Library Foundation Board for consideration; seconded by B. Zaragoza; motion passed.

Building Updates: C. Brown updated on various library projects at Edina, Eden Prairie (Co. Bd. agreed to purchase the Lunds building; will plan site visit to Johnson County, Kansas, to see a library in former retail space), and St. Anthony. A County Board retreat was held Nov. 29, 1999 to discuss county space and library projects for Brookdale, Eden Prairie, and Maple Grove. Will schedule a meeting with Mayor Petit to discuss Wayzata Library.

2000 Budget Update: D. Cramer reported there is no change in the budget; County Board is expected to approve the budget at Dec. 14 meeting.

Brooklyn Center After School Enrichment Project Grant: The proposed County Board resolution had been mailed to Library Board members for review of acceptance of the continued grant for 2000 and 2001. Motion to accept the grant and forward to the County Board was made by M. Jackson, seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.

C. Brown reported he is part of the library staff group visiting King County Library in Seattle.

J. Cole requested that MELSA and Metronet be program topics for 2000 Lib Bd meetings. He would like to re-establish Lib Bd connection with MELSA and Metronet.

D. Mueller: Reported on 3-M activities he has been involved with. Requested a current organizational chart for the January mailing.

B. Zaragoza: As W&M Chair, reminder to Lib Bd members to submit any expense reports for 1999 to Cindy or Rose for reimbursement. Also, begin planning for 2000 conference/workshop/training opportunities.

C. Walsh: Update on unsigned editorial from the last meeting. Read a letter she received from President of Ingram commending HCL services and for being "one of the best."

J. Cole: Attended the Long Lake Library Friends meeting to relay congratulations on receiving the recent MLA award. Visited Portland Public Library recently and found named room upgrades. ALTA awards recognizing advocates--HCL is working on submissions. PLA 2000 Conference brochure was mailed to all Library Board members.

Undesignated Gift Fund: Report of fund status was mailed in packets. Library Board just received a solicitation letter from the MLA Foundation requesting year-end donations. Following discussion, P. Kelly made motion to donate the balance of 1999 Undesignated Gift Fund ($921.22) to the Foundation Art Initiative, seconded by M. Jackson. Motion passed with one dissenting vote.

Other: J. Cole noted that the Library Board sends their thanks and appreciation to Peggy Kelly for her service on the Library Board.

Grants: C. Brown had nothing to report.

Gift Acceptance: Motion to accept the gifts was made by D. Mueller; seconded by P. Kelly; motion passed.
$ 674.95  Brookdale Friends for library equipment.
114.34  Brookdale Friends for heavy duty stapler, saddle-stitch stapler, and staples.
44.66  Brookdale Friends for wooden desk top book racks.
25.00  Champlin memorial donation from Josephine Nunn.
2,854.74  Eden Prairie Friends for Read to Win gift certificates, refreshments for summer programs, plants for outdoor planters, books as gifts for discussion groups, framed posters, puppets, browsing materials, coffee pot and supplies.
785.07  Excelsior Friends for plants/shrubs and paperback book spinner.
517.00  Minnetonka Friends for children's table & chairs.
203.00  Oxboro Friends for special oversized laminated sign for children's programs.
1,000.00  Oxboro Friends for unabridged audios (through Foundation).
400.00  Penn Lake Friends for 2 book trucks.
16.00  Plymouth donation of book from MN Kindergarten Association.
262.60  Plymouth Friends for subscription to Sunday and weekday St. Paul Pioneer Press.
369.85  Plymouth Friends for personalized Plymouth Library pencils and foam core mounting for 11 children's posters.
500.00  Plymouth Friends for browsing materials.
15.19  Plymouth Friends for "Lunch Bunch" treats.
455.22  St. Louis Park Friends for stickers and children's videos to use in-house.

Meeting was adjourned.