January 21, 1998

Library Board members present: P. Baskin (chair), J. Cole, M. Jackson, D. Mueller, C. Walsh.

Library staff and other staff: C. Brown, L. Engberg, D. Kleven, C. Ahrens, M. White (OBF).

[Due to an emergency and the late arrival of the Library Director, the meeting discussion skipped around, but is reported below in agenda order.]

Motion by Marilyn Jackson to approve the November 12, 1997 meeting minutes; seconded by Jack Cole; motion passed.


1997 Budget Revenues
C. Brown reviewed the chart of 1997 Revenues, distributed at the meeting, which showed the library at $1.5 million over estimates; that overage will be transferred to the undesignated fund balance. C. Brown plans to have 1997 final expenditure reports for the Library Board in March.

1998 Budget Update
Discussion of the Larry Franks document that was sent to the Library Board. C. Brown and M. White responded to questions from the Library Board.

*** Director's Office will obtain copies of the brochure "Budget '98" for the Library Board.

C. Brown reported on a 1/21 meeting with Commissioner Tambornino to discuss the Ridgedale Library needs. Comm. Tambornino has agreed to support an RBA to hire a Senior Youth Services Librarian to begin in September 1998 using contingency funds, and to include a statement about future need for more positions to open the remodeled facility. Projected Ridgedale expenses are approaching $1.3 million/year in additional costs.

Fine Revenue on Closed Days
Don Kleven, Sr. Accountant in Administrative Services, reported that David Cramer's estimate is $25-50,000 in additional revenues if Library charges fines for closed days (as done before horizon). Dick Mueller reported that this possible change in fines policy is currently under consideration by the Revenue Generation Team II. Linda Engberg reported that the main staff concern is the public relations issue (which was a problem before horizon); other Board members supported this concern.

Revenue Generation Team I Closure
C. Brown requested any additional information from the Team I that the Library Board would like to have to bring closure.
M. Jackson requested individual tracking of categories for all new revenue innovations, and all revenue in general. Requested all Library revenue in one quarterly report.
*** Don Kleven will relay this request to David Cramer.
*** At the April Ways & Means Committee meeting, D. Cramer will report on first quarter of 1998.


20-Year Capital Plan Proposal
Carol Walsh reported that the focus of this study has been revised to concentrate primarily only on building-related issues due to the realization of the time and cost implications of a more extensive, combined capital/operational study.
*** M. Jackson will follow up with C. Brown; she will pursue a 20-year capital plan that includes technology and building modifications.

Revenue Generation Team II
Dick Mueller reported on activities--with meetings every two weeks.
Current proposals under consideration:
--advertising on back of receipts and date due slips
--standardized fines
--standardized book sale prices
--concessions are also being looked at.

Getting the Word Out
Jack Cole reported that next meeting of the group is scheduled for 1/28 at 3:00, prior to the Library Board meeting.


1998 Library Board Conference and Travel Budget
A log of 1997 expenses were distributed for review, along with the travel expense policy previously established by the Ways & Means Committee.

D. Mueller moved the same budget and allocations as 1997; J. Cole seconded; motion passed. Item will be progressed to the 1/28 Library Board meeting for formal approval.

Evaluation of Ways & Means Committee
Charter of the Ways & Means Committee was distributed as a basis for discussion. J. Cole and P. Baskin provided some background on the formation of the Committee. Input from other Committee members reinforced the value of the committee as an essential part of education for Board members. No changes are recommended at this time.

Statistical Data
Jack Cole distributed copies of library listings from two sources. "Top 50 Public Libraries in the U.S. & Canada" from the 1998 World Almanac -- HCL comparisons to those listed: 50th in population, 17th in branches, 25th in holdings, 9th in circulation, and 12th in acquisitions expenditures. "Major City Public Libraries" from Information Please Almanac -- HCL comparisons: 10th in branches, 25th in volumes, 6th in circulation, and 16th in budget.

*** Dick Mueller will enter data on a spreadsheet for the "Telling Our Story" group meeting next week.

November HCL Statistics: P. Baskin had some questions on the statistics.
*** Linda Engberg will respond at the 1/28 Library Board meeting.

Myers-Briggs Information
P. Baskin requested a discussion of the possibility of Vicki DeFord doing a 30 minute presentation before or after a Ways & Means Committee meeting -- group dynamics based on results.
*** C. Brown will check on her availability in March or April.

Marilyn Jackson shared information on a new Readmobile she picked up at ALA. She would like to see the Foundation move on the Readmobile issue; C. Brown noted the major issue of operational costs which impact the entire library budget and explained that library priorities have changed since the initiatives were shared with the Library Foundation.
*** For discussion at a future Ways & Means Committee meeting.

Library Board Applicants
Interviews are scheduled for January 27, 6:30 p.m., at the Government Center. M. Jackson and P. Baskin are planning to attend.

Motion by D. Mueller, seconded by J. Cole; passed.