March 8, 2000

Library Board members present: J. Cole, J. Gibbs, P. Izek, M. Jackson, D. Pratt, C. Walsh.

Library staff: C. Brown, D. Cramer, N. Perron, and C. Ahrens.

Guests: JoAnn Harris (OBF) and Richard Johnson (Deputy Co. Administrator).

Meeting was called to order by acting-Chair Jack Cole. Everyone introduced themselves and why they were here today. Carol Walsh welcomed the two new Board members and J. Cole asked them why they were interested in the Library Board.

Motion to approve minutes of 11/10/99 meeting was made by M. Jackson, seconded by C. Walsh; motion passed.


1999 Operating Budget
D. Cramer reported the County departments have until March 23 to make changes to the 1999 budget. If you look at the library budget now on paper, the library is overspent; but that won't happen when budget is finalized.

2000 Budget Update
D. Cramer distributed January/February figures and reviewed them.

2001 Budget
D. Cramer distributed the "2001 Operating Budget Overiew" and "2001 Operating Budget Requests" and reviewed them along with the proposed budget schedule. The budget is due June 23, but Library Board will approve at 6/28 meeting.

Capital Projects Update
C. Brown reported on pending projects. 1) M. McConnell has been selected as Manager of Brookdale Library and will immediately become active in the Bd building project. Construction is to begin fall 2001 for 16-18 months. 2) Wayzata: library will close late summer for 1 year, to re-open fall 2001. 3) St. Anthony relocation: could be in new space by fall 2000. 4) Hopkins: plans are under way, meeting with community/city staff. Will be an extensive project that will follow completion of St. Louis Park. 5) St. Louis Park: will begin last quarter of 2000. 6) Augsburg Park: will receive a routine renovation.


Expense Policy/2000 Allocations
Motion to accept the conference & travel budget for 2000 was made by M. Jackson, seconded by P. Izek; motion passed.

Bestseller Express Update
Evaluation of the first year of the program is scheduled for presentation to the Library Board at the May 10 Ways & Means Committee meeting. M. Jackson requests that J. Gegner be sure to highlight: average time on waiting list; amount of $ freed up for collection; cost of program, including administrative costs; and revenue from the program.

Future Library Board Program:
DVD rollout plans, and collection impact.

Meeting was adjourned.