March 10, 1999

Library Board members present: J. Cole, M. Jackson, D. Mueller, C. Walsh, B. Zaragoza.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, S. Charles, J. Morgan, M. Wattson, N. Perron, and C. Ahrens.

Meeting was called to order by Chair Zaragoza and he reviewed the agenda. Charles Brown introduced Nancy Perron, Community Relations Manager, and Marcia Wattson, new Senior Librarian at Edina.

Previous meeting minutes had been approved at full Board meetings.


Technology Update:
Ridgedale Library Automation: Sharon Charles presented an update on public workstations, debit printing, security system, and self-checkout.

Library Technology Capital Projects: Document for 2000 was distributed and reviewed.

Southdale Library Automation: S. Charles reported that the Brookdale Kidlinks opening was scheduled for Monday, 3/15, to be followed by others. E-Resources at Sd is awaiting millwork and signage; much of the software is there awaiting visibility of the services.

Equipment Purchases: S. Charles reported these purchases are currently funded through capital budget.

*** Sharon Charles will follow up on Dick Mueller's technology question on library software with the Ways & Means Chair (this has been done).

Automated Materials Handling: Charles Brown will include any updates in his report for the March 24 meeting.

Bestseller Express Update
Jeff Gegner reported that circulation from start of program through beginning of March is 4,212; revenue from January & February is $8,100; and there have been checkouts from all agencies. Staff is now evaluating the number of copies ordered for BSX to be more in line with copies ordered for the system. A fact sheet was prepared to respond to complaints and a modified form letter is being used.

Building Proposals Update
David Cramer reported that the City of Edina approached the library in 1998 with a proposal for a new library. He presented a map showing the present and new location; a proposed building plan was discussed. The library is the most visible on the site, with a senior center, small theater, elementary school and gymnasium. Commissioner Tambornino is fully supportive of the project. D. Cramer will have more information after the April 5 City Council meeting. C. Brown will review the proposed project with all Commissioners.

Capital Project Update
Brooklyn Park: renovation is planned this year, a "refreshing" for the building interior.
Golden Valley: renovation is planned after Ridgedale moves out, due to the heavy use.
Brookdale: date is now pushed back.

*** C. Brown will be requesting approval from the Library Board to close Brooklyn Park and Golden Valley during renovations.

1998 Budget--Year End Review
D. Cramer distributed a report and reviewed the accounts. Due to being underspent, the following additional amounts were expended:

Furniture & Equipment $ 50,000
Workers Comp  100,000
Postage   10,000
Collection  275,000
Additional PC's   75,000
Total: $510,000

Any unspent funds will be transferred to the undesignated fund ("rainy day" fund).


E-Rate Discussion
Julia Morgan lead this discussion. A background memo had been mailed to Library Board members. HCL has applied on behalf of the libraries for 1999 even though there is little chance of receiving any funding.

Year 2000 Budget
David Cramer reported that instructions for the budget have not been received as yet. The new jail begins to affect the County budget in 2000--including capital budget for the next 10-12 years.

D. Cramer distributed "Possible Operating Budget Priorities for 2000"--which are subject to change. He used some of the criteria from the LJ "5th Best" article.

Ridgedale Financial Timeline: D. Cramer will share with Library Board as soon as it is prepared.

Additional Items
Minneapolis Public Library: Jack Cole asked all to be aware of the MPL construction project. The President of the MPL Board has requested a meeting with Commissioner Johnson; Jack Cole has submitted some information for the Commissioner on HCL service, etc.

Maple Grove: Library staff will be meeting with the city soon for additional discussions.

Eden Prairie: The Lunds site estimates have been received; a meeting has been scheduled with Commissioner Johnson for April.

Motion to adjourn was made by D. Mueller; seconded by J. Cole; meeting was adjourned.