April 8, 1998

Library Board members present: B. Zaragoza (chair), P. Baskin, J. Cole, P. Kelly, D. Mueller, C. Walsh.

Library staff and other staff: C. Brown, L. Engberg, D. Cramer, C. Ahrens, M. White (OBF).

Chair Zaragoza opened the meeting and announced that President Baskin has appointed him as the new Chair of the Ways & Means Committee.

Minutes of the 3/18/98 meeting had been mailed to Library Board for review. D. Mueller made a motion for roll call vote on approval of the 3/18/98 minutes, seconded by C. Walsh. During discussion of the motion, Library Board members made personal statements relating to a specific portion of the 3/18/98 meeting.
[Statements are attached to the official file copy of the minutes.]

Roll Call Vote:
Mueller: No
Cole: Yes
Zaragoza: Yes
Walsh: Yes
Kelly: Abstain (not in attendance at 3/18/98 meeting)
Baskin: Yes
Minutes of 3/18/98 were approved as written.


Ridgedale Construction Update
Sandy Louis reviewed the schedule of the project, which is closer to being on schedule due to the mild winter, gave a general update on the project, and answered questions from Library Board members.

Conference & Travel Allocation
A reminder to Library Board members that each member receives up to $1,000 allocation. Additional shares to President and Board members with further involvement (J. Cole - ALA, J. Jackson - ULC); total allocation is $10,000 for 1998.

Bestseller Express
C. Brown reported on the County Board meeting discussion of the request for a public hearing to initiate the program. The process is on hold until C. Brown meets next week with S. Vargas and M. Opat. There is the possibility of two public hearings--one for the Library Board and one for the County Board. The Library is preparing further documentation of support. This seems to have become a "policy" issue for the County Board. J. Cole recommended pushing for the County Board to hold their public hearing in a suburban Hennepin County location. Request for information on previous video rental charge, the only way video was able to be offered to the public.

Suggestion was made for a combined County Board/Library Board public hearing, perhaps at Southdale Library.
*** D. Mueller made a motion to recommend that the public hearings be combined with Library Board and County Board with two meetings--one north and one south; J. Cole seconded the motion; motion passed unanimously.

*** Motion by P. Kelly to provide the W&M committee at next meeting a sheet of pros and cons on the program; seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.


Revenue Generation Team II
Dick Mueller gave some background on Team activities, work continues. D. Cramer reported that the deadline for this Team was originally this spring; trying to find some small revenue generation projects that can be implemented soon. Question was raised about revenue generation/coffee shop proposal in conflict with the Library Foundation fundraising efforts; explanation from D. Cramer on the purpose of the two separate fundraising focuses.
*** D. Cramer will prepare a report for the June 10 W&M Committee meeting.


Budget 1999
D. Cramer reviewed the budget schedule and budget information distributed to Library Board.

Library Administration's Top Budget Concerns
At request of B. Zaragoza, the Library Administrative Committee had prepared the list of concerns for 1999:
--Successful re-opening of Ridgedale Library with adequate operating funds.
--Collection funds--materials budget to keep pace with inflation.
--Training funds--including temporary salaries, survey, consulting, conference & travel.
--Technology: Tech. Centers Funding and Maintenance related to technology.
--Furniture & Equipment

C. Brown requested input from Library Board on their preference for County Board lobbying for 1999--individual or group meeting?

Library Director and Library Board President will meet with Commissioners to discuss the 1999 budget, as has been done in past years.

*** Motion to table the 1999 budget discussion to the May 13 W&M meeting was made by Jack Cole, seconded by Peggy Kelly; motion passed.

Wayzata City Council Presentation
C. Brown reported on a presentation he made to the Wayzata City Council on 4/7; possibility of a new library with city TIF funds.

*** C. Brown remarks to the City Council will be shared with Library Board.
*** D. Mueller, Wayzata Lions, has a building plan proposal that he will share with Library Board at the next Ways & Means meeting.

Employee Climate Survey
Actual staff survey completed by staff was shared with Library Board.
*** Summary of survey results will be mailed to Library Board in packet for the April 29 Board meeting (Susan DeVogel will be reviewing the survey document at the 5/13 W&M meeting, in the Administrative Offices).

Gary Sudduth Memorial Fund
C. Brown reviewed the background of the memorial fund, documents were distributed to Library Board.
*** P. Baskin moved a donation of $100 from the Library Board Undesignated Gift Fund to the Sudduth Memorial Fund; seconded by P. Kelly; motion passed and will be finalized at the 4/29 Library Board meeting.

Minneapolis Public Library
Documents supplied by MPL were distributed and briefly reviewed by C. Brown.

Library Board Development/Conflict Management Training
C. Brown reported that some potential consultants for this training have been identified. Due to the schedule of Library Board members, this may have to be scheduled on a weekend, perhaps for a couple of session. Training was recommended by Commissioner Tambornino.

Marketing & Development
Notice of Teresa Bonner's departure had been mailed to the Library Board; her last date is 5/22/98.

Motion to adjourn was made by J. Cole; seconded by P. Baskin; meeting was adjourned.

Library Board Personal Statements 4/8/98

D. Mueller read a personal statement he requested be included with the 4/8/98 minutes:
"The minutes of March 18, 1998 are fraudulent - They do not reflect the personal attack on Dr. Jackson. The attack on Dr. Jackson was uncalled for and the taxpayers are entitled to know what goes on in the board meetings. A full accounting of the meeting should be published in the minutes. We are all accountable for our actions. Ask for a 'Roll Call Vote'."

J. Cole commented that he thought the referenced portion of the 3/18 meeting was "closed" due to the personnel issue, not part of the regular Ways & Means meeting. C. Brown reported that the discussion was part of the "open" meeting, although most staff had left the meeting at that point.

P. Baskin requested her personal statement be included with the 4/8/98 minutes:
"Purpose of the discussion at the 3/18/98 meeting was not a personal attack against Dr. Jackson, the purpose was to open a dialogue, and was done in good faith. Individual conversations had been attempted prior to the meeting discussion."