May 13, 1998

Library Board members present: B. Zaragoza (chair), P. Baskin, J. Cole, M. Jackson, P. Kelly, D. Mueller, C. Walsh.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, L. Engberg, D. Cramer, V. DeFord, C. Ahrens, M. White (OBF) and Dr. S. DeVogel.

Chair Zaragoza opened the meeting and requested a change in the agenda to allow Dr. DeVogel to make her presentation first. Motion to make agenda change by J. Cole, seconded by P. Baskin; motion passed.

Dr. Susan DeVogel reviewed the summary of the employee survey results, highlighting key strengths and the key problem area--leadership. Questions from Library Board members were addressed and plans for future with strategies proposed by C. Brown and S. DeVogel.

Motion to approve the minutes of the 4/8/98 meeting was made by D. Mueller, seconded by P. Baskin; motion passed.


Ridgedale Project Financial Timeline
C. Brown reported that D. Cramer had prepared a Ridgedale Financial Timeline that was distributed at the meeting. Based on the need for additional positions for the remodeled Ridgedale, some FTE is being transferred from other county departments, Library administration has made a commitment to identify 3.0 FTE from existing budget; other FTE to be requested of County Board. Discussion/review/update of entire Ridgedale project. C. Brown reported on a positive and supportive response from a meeting he had with Commissioner Randy Johnson.

Bob Zaragoza requested a status report on where individual commissioners currently stand on the Ridgedale position requests; more work is needed with the commissioners.

1999 Budget
D. Cramer presented the 1999 operating budget options or scenarios. The "1999 Operating Budget Concerns" was distributed and discussed.

An expansion of mobile services had previously been discussed as a Library Board priority; however, at the 5/12/98 Administrative Committee meeting the decision was made, as important as this topic is, that it doesn't carry the priority of other items on the budget concerns list.

Bestseller Express
C. Brown reviewed current status of the proposed program, mentioned the 5/10/98 Star Tribune article on the program, and encouraged Library Board members to attend the 6/23/98 public hearing at Brookdale Library.

Notice of the public hearing will be sent to Library Friends and volunteers; some other type of announcement will be made in the libraries. C. Brown is working on this with Public Information Office; and he is also working on a Fact Sheet and will share with the Library Board at the May meeting for their input.

Question on overdues/fines on the lease books. The County Board (from the Committee meeting video) mentioned Philadelphia and Boston public libraries -- staff needs to follow up on this.

B. Zaragoza asked for strategy on the public hearing role for Library Board members and it was recommended that P. Baskin and C. Brown will discuss. Full Board will review the strategy at the May 27 meeting. Major concern of the County Board seems to be establishing a two-tier system.

M. White: Tie down how many will still be available for free (impact on free reserve list).

Does HCL have any numbers re: who/how many will pay?


Revenue Generation Team II
Dick Mueller reported that the team is 3/4 complete; final report will be presented at the June Ways & Means Committee meeting.


First Quarter Operating Budget Report
Report was distributed and reviewed by D. Cramer.


Closing Remarks: B. Zaragoza would like to keep the Ways & Means Committee meeting less formal and maintain a 2 hour time limit; motions will still be required to conduct business; however, future meeting minutes may only reflect specific action items.

Motion to adjourn made by D. Mueller, seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.