May 12, 1999

Library Board members present: J. Cole, J. Gibbs, M. Jackson, P. Kelly, D. Mueller, C. Walsh, B. Zaragoza.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, J. Morgan, C. DeGraff, N. Perron, M. Turner, L. Preston, J. Harris (OBF), and C. Ahrens.

Meeting was called to order by Chair Zaragoza and he reviewed the agenda.

Meeting minutes of 3/10/99 had been approved at 4/21/99 full Board meeting.




Library Fees - Public Hearing Update
Charles Brown reported that the County Board public hearing was held with no public comment. Request for the fee changes is progressing through the process.

Library Fees - Letter from Berman
Jack Cole distributed a letter he had received from Sanford Berman requesting that the Library Board abolish juvenile fines and other fee-based services like Bestseller Express (BSX). Chair of Ways & Means noted that discussion has been held regarding BSX with a County Board public hearing held prior to Library Board discussion. Library Board felt that the Berman letter was a statement rather than a request and no action was required.

First Quarter 1999 Budget Overview
David Cramer distributed a first quarter report and reviewed various accounts. The County has required each department to set up a special liability fund to cover future retirement severance packages--which means the Library needs to find $50,000 in the 1999 budget for this fund.

Year 2000 Budget
David Cramer gave a Powerpoint presentation for the 2000 budget targeting areas:

Discussion of Library Board meeting schedule as relates to budget schedule.

Library Board member requested budget direction/clarification from the County Board regarding no closings and no staff reductions.

M. Jackson suggested additional revenue sources and ways to make the materials collection go further:

D. Muller discussed security system improvements and expansion.

Meeting Dates:
Request was made for an additional Ways & Means Committee meeting; tentatively scheduled for June 16, 4:30 p.m., Library Administrative Offices, if needed. The 2000 budget will be reviewed on June 9, and if necessary, will follow up with a meeting on June 16, with a referral to the full Library Board. Decision was made to change the July 14 Ways & Means Committee to a meeting of the full Board to allow for final recommendation on the 2000 budget for submission. Jack Cole moved the above meeting changes, motion was seconded, and passed.

Preliminary Capital Budget has been submitted for costing out of projects; when those items are returned with costs, will be shared with Library Board. Plan for discussion at June 9 W&M meeting

Foundation Priorities
This topic was on agenda due to question raised at the April Library Board meeting. C. Brown distributed a list of recent Library Foundation reports made to Library Board. M. Jackson referred to the May 22, 1996 meeting minutes of joint Library Board and Foundation Board. C. Brown noted that he made a report on the Foundation initiatives at the March 18, 1998 W&M Committee meeting.

Chris DeGraff was present to update Library Board on initiatives:

M. Jackson moved that the Library Board began to formally review and accept gifts contributed to the Library by the Library Foundation and affirm their alignment with strategic plan. D. Mueller seconded. Following discussion, the motion was withdrawn by M. Jackson and the second was withdrawn by D. Mueller.

J. Cole will talk to the Foundation Executive Committee and the Executive Director to discuss a need for more formal procedures.

Library Board member requested a legal review of the Library Foundation County Board resolution (in 1996) and make a report to Library Board [staff needs clarification prior to making request of County Attorney].

Conference & Travel Expenses
At a previous meeting concern was expressed about the $ amount allocated to Library Board budget. Background information was mailed to Library Board members, including a history of the account from 1996 through 1999.
--M. Jackson suggested that Library Board members follow the same guidelines/reimbursement amount as staff.
--Policy indicates prior notification of travel requests to President of Library Board for coordination.
--J. Cole would like to see a separate allocation for the President, not listed as part of a specific member allocation.

General consensus was to request same conference & travel budget in 2000 and the same share allocations, plus add the President allocation as a separate line item.

Fine Policy Request from Mr. Yeater
Mr. Yeater presented his case to the Library Board at April 21, 1999 meeting and President Cole referred to Ways & Means Committee for discussion. Chair Zaragoza thanked staff for time and efforts to respond to this request.

Marilyn Turner and Laura Preston distributed "Notification of Overdues" information sheet and the "MELSA Overdue Notification Parameters" comparison. M. Turner reported that future library plans will address many of Mr. Yeater's concerns (reported on the "Notification" sheet).

B. Zaragoza will draft a response from the Library Board to Mr. Yeater and will include a copy of the current Revenue Policy and the future library plans; and again thanked staff for all the work on this item.

Motion to adjourn was made and seconded; meeting was adjourned.