Hennepin County Library Board
Ways & Means Committee
June 14, 2000 - Minutes

Present: C. Walsh (presiding officer), J. Cole, P. Izek, D. Pratt., C. Brown, J. Leick, N. Perron, E. Feinberg, M. Turner, R. Shenehon, R. Johnson (Dep.Admin.), J. Harris (OBF), C. Ahrens (recorder).

Meeting was called to order by Board President Carol Walsh in absence of Committee chair.

Minutes of May 10, 2000 meeting: approval moved by J. Cole, seconded by P. Izek, passed.

Unfinished Business

  1. 1999/2000 Budget Update: County Board request for $430,000 to be transferred from Library Undesignated Fund was presented to Committee for discussion. Comm. Opat questioned steps library is taking to prevent this or a similar budget shortfall happening again. C. Brown reported that cost containment efforts will be shared with Library Board -- C. Fischer & E. Feinberg will make the presentation, probably at the August Library Board meeting. The Library Board requested a history of the Undesignated Fund account and annual contributions through the 1990's.

  2. 2001 Operating Budget: C. Brown reviewed the "2001 Budget Challenges" from the May Ways & Means Committee meeting. Staff had mailed out a 2-page budget spreadsheet, and at W&M meeting distributed full budget pages for review.

    Prioritized Addback Options List: distributed and reviewed.

    Motion by D. Pratt, seconded by P. Izek to progress the 2001 budget to the June 28 full Library Board meeting for confirmation; motion passed.

  3. Capital Budget Update: C. Brown reviewed the five year projection of operating costs on capital budget building projects. Capital budget projects will be submitted and discussed with Capital Budget Task Force in August.

  4. Increased Revenue/Collection Dollar Issues: C. Brown gave some history of revenue generation teams and noted that the specific issues raised have come up in the past. Responses were mailed to Library Board members.

New Business

Motion was made to adjourn and passed.