June 9, 1999

Library Board members present: J. Cole, J. Gibbs, M. Jackson, P. Kelly, D. Mueller, C. Walsh, B. Zaragoza.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, N. Perron, J. Harris (OBF), and C. Ahrens.

Meeting was called to order by Chair Zaragoza and he reviewed the agenda.

Motion to approve minutes of 5/12/99 meeting was made by J. Cole, seconded by C. Walsh; motion passed.


Library Fees Update
Charles Brown reported that the County Board had approved the request for changes on library fees (printing charges, copier costs, etc.).

Year 2000 Capital Budget
David Cramer distributed a revised Capital Budget worksheet. He reviewed process of the Capital Budget Task Force (CBTF); Library presentation will be made to CBTF on August 16; and he walked through the Capital Budget sheets.
Ridgedale Library: top priority for completion of project and automated materials handling (AMH) equipment.
Library Facility Modifications: annual budget requests to maintain and operate buildings. This request includes SL renovation, Ho renovation, RR, GV, Mi, Ox, PL, Wt, AP, BP, and AMH at 2 locations.
Technology Modifications: 3 components: 1) complete conversion; 2) expand and maximize access to electronic resources, eg. Kidlinks, e-resources; and 3) Sd Online Learning Center.
Sd Security and Self Checkout
Bd Security and Self Checkout
Eden Prairie Library: estimated cost of $11+ million to purchase vacant Lunds building and renovate.
Maple Grove Library: total estimated cost of $9,835,000 for project.
Sd Info Access Center (or e-Resource Center)

Year 2000 Operating Budget
D. Cramer reminded Board of the PowerPoint presentation made at the previous meeting and the areas covered. He distributed and reviewed the 2000 "Operating Budget Background."
Library Board questions were addressed and discussed.

Distribution of Operating Budget Summary 2000 Library Budget Rollout (2 page spreadsheet). M. Jackson introduced specific questions related to the "1998-2000 Strategic Directions".

Review and discussion of "List of Budget Items Cut to Achieve 102% of 1999 Property Tax Support" and the "HCL 2000 Budget Addback List." D.Cramer noted that a great deal of staff time has gone into the painful process of necessary reductions (only the Addback list goes to Budget & Finance).

Chair Zaragoza asked if a June 16 Ways & Means meeting was necessary and polled individual Board members; based on feedback, the June 16 meeting was not necessary for continued 2000 budget discussion.

Chair Zaragoza had to leave and turned the meeting over to Carol Walsh.


Hennepin Discounts vs. MN Discounts
Charles Brown had shared comparison of Baker & Taylor discounts--Hennepin County vs. MN discount -- Hennepin gets a greater discount across the board.

Charles Brown reported that Kathryn Youngblood, from Foundation Board, will attend and make the program presentation at the October 27, evening Library Board meeting.

M. Jackson reviewed some unfinished business items from previous meeting; she has discussed the items with Chair Zaragoza:
--County Board budget direction and clarification regarding staff "givens" of no closing and no staff reductions that was requested last time;
--Library Board responsibility for Foundation initiatives, legal information that P. Kelly requested and Board agreed was needed from County Attorney, interpretation of the County Board Resolution 96-11-695 covering Library Board/Foundation Board responsibilities [after discussion, this request was dropped];
--Request for written status report from Library Foundation on the 5 initiatives "assigned" to Foundation in May 1996 [Marilyn's request was discussed; she wants to see a plan, schedule, for completion of each of the initiatives; based on a written report, she recommends exploring option of new initiatives; N. Perron commented on Foundation's 501 status based on previous situations; M. Jackson commented that perhaps Library Board members need to talk with Commissioners to see if changes are needed to the County Board resolution 96-11-695]; C. Brown will request Chris DeGraff attend the July 14 Library Board meeting and will ask him to prepare a written report.

Motion to adjourn was made by C. Walsh, seconded by J. Cole; meeting was adjourned.