July 8, 1998

Library Board members present: B. Zaragoza (chair), P. Baskin, J. Cole, P. Kelly, M. Jackson, D. Mueller, C. Walsh.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, M. White & J. Harris (OBF), M. McConnell, J. Foster, S. Louis, and C. Ahrens.

P. Baskin introduced and welcomed JoAnn Harris from Office of Budget and Finance, replacing Mary White who was commended for her service to the Library.

Discussion of item on page 2 in the 6/10/98 meeting minutes--"Internet Issue Discussion." Need to amend minutes to reflect change in final sentence: e-mail and chat rooms are accessible via Internet in the libraries. Motion to approve the minutes of the 6/10/98 meeting as amended was made by M. Jackson and seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.


1999 Budget
D. Cramer reviewed presentation at Management Team meeting this morning by Sandy Vargas (Deputy County Administrator) and Jim Ufer (Office of Budget & Finance Director).

Spreadsheet of library operating budget summary was distributed and reviewed along with a "working document" of the 1999 budget options which was originally prepared by a staff sub-committee. The "working document" was discussed at the 7/8/98 Mgmt Team meeting and some additions were made to the document. By the end of July Library staff will need to finalize the budget requests for final review by the Library Board at the August 5, 1998 meeting.

*** C.Brown will follow up on the Hennepin University and possible relationship with HCL.

After discussion, there was agreement that library staff should proceed with the 1999 budget proposal; for final review at the August 5 Library Board meeting.

Bestseller Express - Update
C. Brown received an e-mail message from Commissioner McLaughlin's office regarding sponsoring a resolution approving the program. Key message is same free service is still being offered. This will be an "expanded" service.


Library Board Donation to MLA Foundation
A copy of the MLA Foundation request for Library Disaster Fund donations was shared with the Library Board for possible consideration as a 1998 Undesignated Gift Fund contribution. Decision to defer to the August 5 Library Board meeting with current amount available in the undesignated fund.

FYI - Library News
A status of this publication was shared with Library Board (memo from Linda Engberg). D. Cramer reviewed the cost of continuing production of this very select publication. There was general agreement to discontinue as long as staff was not available to compile. Motion by P. Kelly and J. Cole to cease publication, seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.

Travel Budget
This is an added agenda item. B. Zaragoza reported that the Library Board needs to review and evaluate travel allocations for 1998. Motion was made by J. Cole to table this discussion until the September Ways & Means Committee meeting, seconded by D. Mueller; motion passed.

August 12 Ways & Means
The August 12 Ways & Means Committee meeting is cancelled to allow the time to be used for Library Board Internet training (to be held in Cube City training room).

Future Ways & Means Committee agenda items:
1) Library Board Conference & Travel Budget - 1998
2) Revenue Generation Team II Report

D. Mueller moved adjournment, J. Cole seconded; passed.