Hennepin County Library Board
Ways & Means Committee Meeting
September 13, 2000 - Minutes

Present: B. Zaragoza (Chair), J. Cole, J. Gibbs, P. Izek, C. Walsh, C. Brown, J. Leick, J. Morgan, N. Perron, J. Harris (OBF), C. Ahrens (recorder).

Meeting was called to order by Chair Bob Zaragoza.

Minutes of June 14, 2000 meeting: approval moved by J. Cole, seconded by P. Izek, passed.

Unfinished Business

  1. 2000 Budget Update: D. Cramer distributed and reviewed an update of the 2000 budget through 8/31/00.

  2. 2001 Operating Budget: D. Cramer reviewed a 2001 Budget Fact Sheet that covered the entire County (distributed at the 9/8 County Managers meeting). He also reviewed a spreadsheet of the Library 2001 budget status, which reflects new technology equipment depreciation fund/account of $400,000.

  3. Capital Budget Task Force Update: C. Brown lead a discussion of the August 7 Library presentation to the Capital Budget Task Force and challenges. Question on eLibrary and measurements to be used (eLibrary will be presented as the Program at the Sept. 27 full Board meeting). Review of the project cost increases for St. Louis Park and Hopkins libraries. Question about the library facilities study mentioned in the CBTF 8/7 minutes -- Chair Zaragoza requests a full 10-year plan for buildings, a long range facility plan, just like a city's 20-year comprehensive plan. For consideration by Library administration and Library Board. Library Board would like to have a 10-15 or 20-year plan as a base for future capital requests.

  4. Library Baord Conference & Travel Status: B. Zaragoza noted that according to the spreadsheet sent to Board members, the Lib. Bd. budget looks on track. Any Board members with future travel expectations in 2000 should submit request to President Walsh and Cindy. Will need to cover expenses for the ULC symposium in December for up to three Board members, and MLA expenses.

New Business

  1. Fines Threshold: C. Brown stated that the recommendation from a staff team had been mailed to Board members; the threshold for fines has not changed since fines were increased. Board members requested that any future fines changes should also be reflected in a change to the threshold. Library Board supports the change.

  2. County Board/Library Board Meeting Oct. 17: C. Walsh reported on the planning group status. John Gibbs has agreed to co-facilitate the breakfast meeting. Major agenda topics will include: 1) persuading a Commissioner to attend the ULC symposium, 2) 2001 Library budget (thanks for continued support and mention concern about collection budget future), and 3) Board communications.

    Library staff will: (C.Ahrens) contact ULC prior to Oct. 17 to request list of registrants to share with the County Board; (J. Morgan) contact ULC for any background information available before Oct. 17; and will send packet of background materials to Library Board members prior to Oct. 17 meeting.

  3. Other:
    --C. Brown updated on the Oxboro Library shooting incident; library has hired an off-duty police officer to be at the library from 2:00 p.m. through closing until beginning of October, and will look at future security needs.
    --C. Brown reported on the Baker & Taylor class action suit filed several years ago for irregularities in pricing/discounts; case was recently settled with the 17 states (MN was one of the filing states). HCL will receive approximately $187,000 as share of settlement; D. Cramer is checking with attorney and accounting on obligation/delegation of the funds, but staff hope to use for the 2000 collection budget.
    --Event date changes were noted by C. Ahrens.
    --Jack Cole reported that the Dr. Laura show will discuss Internet filtering on Friday, 9/15.

Motion to adjourn was made by J. Cole, seconded by C. Walsh, and passed.