September 9, 1998

Library Board members present: B. Zaragoza (chair), P. Baskin, J. Cole, P. Kelly,
M. Jackson, D. Mueller, C. Walsh.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, J. Harris (OBF), M. McConnell,
and C. Ahrens.

Motion to approve the 7-8-98 Ways & Means Committee minutes was made by P. Baskin and seconded; motion passed.


1999 Budget
C. Brown called attention to the Star Tribune article distributed about the overall county budget situation--targeting corrections budgets. D. Cramer updated on position requests, distributed and reviewed the current status of the 1999 library budget. Next step in OBF submitting budget to County Administrator; then C. Brown will present to County Board [scheduled for October 12, 9:30 a.m.].

Bestseller Express - Update
C. Brown thought we were on track with Commissioner McLaughlin's office on this resolution, but the commissioner did not approve the most recent draft of a resolution; library staff is working on a new draft resolution.

Library Board Conference & Travel - 1998 Budget
Current status of expenditures was distributed to Library Board for discussion; B. Zaragoza requested an update for any Board members for expected future expenses. D. Mueller will be submitting expenses for ALA Annual Conference, for his $1,000 allocation. Board members were reminded that Library Board policy requires travel requests to be submitted to the President and P. Baskin has reported that she has received no requests for the balance of 1998 travel. Chair Zaragoza opened discussion of the budget status and commented that even though he has not used any of his budget allocations for the past two years, this is not something that can be counted on to cover over-expenditures on behalf of other Board members. M. Jackson noted that at the time the budget was prepared, she was President and was appointed to the Executive Board of ULC, and she reported that she would exceed her allocation. C. Walsh stated that at mid-year (and with very short lead time), she was appointed to a ULC working group, with an additional allocation.

MLA Fall Conference: Jack Cole will be attending and Carol Walsh may also attend.

J. Cole moved approval of payment for travel expense amounts over the 1998 allocations as reported in the 9-8-98 report; P. Kelly seconded; motion passed.

P. Kelly requested discussion of conference & travel expenditures early in 1999 for that annual budget.

Revenue Generation Team II Report
Report was finalized and written report was distributed to Library Board members.

There was a request for a timeline on the Recommendations and follow-up. C. Brown & D. Cramer will present at the next Ways & Means Committee meeting.

M. Jackson asked for status report on "voluntary" printing fee revenue. D. Cramer reported that Technical Services staff is working on this, a Request for Board Action is in the process, and need to look at equipment, to make this a standard fee on printers. C. Brown reported that coin operated printers will be introduced as part of the Southdale technology center.

Report will be shared with Commissioners at time of discussion of the date due slips and webpage advertising.


Update on Recent Meeting with Commissioner Opat
Charles Brown reported on topics discussed at a recent meeting with Commissioner Opat.

Motion was made to adjourn and seconded; meeting was adjourned.