September 8, 1999

Library Board members present: J. Cole, J. Gibbs, M. Jackson, P. Kelly, D. Mueller, C. Walsh, B. Zaragoza.
Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, and C. Ahrens.

Meeting was called to order by Chair Zaragoza.

Motion to approve minutes of 6/9/99 meeting was made by P. Kelly, seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.


Year 2000 Capital Budget
Library Board members today received minutes of the Capital Budget Task Force meeting where Library presentation was made. C. Brown reviewed the Library requests; uncertain if all requested projects will be funded. Brown is scheduling individual meetings with Commissioners to discuss the capital projects.

Capital Projects Update
C. Brown noted that a chart was mailed to Library Board members along with a cover memo addressed to the County Board. A couple of Library Board members encouraged more work and projections on the annual operating expenses; breakdown by collection, staff, custodial, etc.
D. Cramer will follow up on this.

When planning for future CBTF presentations, recommendation was made to keep in mind past CBTF questions and requests for information.

Year 2000 Operating Budget Update
D. Cramer reviewed current operating budget request following Library meeting with Sandy Vargas and Office of Budget & Finance. The "2000 Department Request" was distributed.

Library Board question on the allocation proposed for the $680,000 budget addition to 2000 and why it was not put into the collection; response dealt with the personal services budget (reference services staff) which took the hardest hit in the reductions, while collection budget stayed the same and was not reduced.

Status Report on Bestseller Express Program
E. Feinberg and J. Gegner had prepared material that was mailed to Library Board, and noted an error on the material.

Board members expressed a desire for regular statistical reporting to use in evaluation of the program. Board members expect an evaluation report addressing, but not limited to the following:
Request was made for a timeline of evaluation --so the Library Board can determine future needs for budget.
C. Brown suggested April of 2000 for evaluation at Ways & Means with the first year figures for the program. [Add to W&M meeting agenda.]

Request that staff do not spend too much time assembling anecdotal info, need hard facts & figures.

NoveList Revenue Status
E. Feinberg distributed a graph on revenue from NoveList from 1996 through the 2nd quarter of 1999. Question was raised about NoveList revenue being dedicated to collection.


Sale of Legal Forms In Library
D. Cramer and Rick Scarlett (Sd Sr. Librarian) made this presentation. D. Cramer reported that this is not proposed as a major revenue generation proposal, but as a customer service to patrons. R. Scarlett expanded on the need for the forms. Recommend an experiment at Southdale for 6 months to 1 year and evaluate at that time; possibly explore offering on CD-ROM for patrons to print forms. Forms will be sold through the Book Store at Southdale. Background information had been mailed to Library Board prior to meeting.

Following lengthy discussion of this proposal, P. Kelly moved support of the proposal; D. Mueller seconded; passed unanimously and will progress to the full Board for vote at next meeting (Oct. 6, 1999).

Gifts - Status
J. Morgan presented background on status of gift donations based on a County Attorney opinion and reported that staff has been working on the gift policy and procedure. Relates to gifts of money--individual agencies can no longer accept direct gifts of $ due to co-mingling of public and private funds. Regarding gifts of materials--furniture, collection materials, etc.--at recommendation of County Attorney, Library Board needs to send an RBA to the County Board asking that Library Board may delegate acceptance of gifts; J. Morgan will work on the RBA.

Motion to adjourn was made by M. Jackson, seconded by D. Mueller; meeting was adjourned.