October 21, 1998

Library Board members present: P. Baskin, J. Cole, P. Kelly, M. Jackson, D. Mueller, C. Walsh.

Library staff and guests: C. Brown, D. Cramer, and C. Ahrens.

Meeting was called to order by President P. Baskin; Chair Zaragoza was unable to attend due to illness.

Motion to approve the 9-9-98 Ways & Means Committee minutes was made by P. Kelly and seconded by J. Cole; motion passed.


1999 Budget
D. Cramer reported that the Library budget request was still $29,251,082, same as presented to Library Board at last meeting. County Board will approve the budget requests in early December.

Bestseller Express - Update
C. Brown reported that the fee for this program was approved by the County Board on October 20, 1998. Hope to kick off the program in January 1999.

Revenue Generation Team II Report
C. Brown reported on the requested timeline follow-up (Julia Morgan was unable to attend to make the report).

Coffee Shops: still proceeding as planned for Southdale and Ridgedale libraries.

website Advertising: J. Morgan was only able to locate one other library with this type of advertising--New York Public.

Advertising on Back of Date Due Slips: J. Morgan obtained some information from Rainbow grocery stores about their advertising on receipts. This work is done by the corporate advertising department, which the Library does not have. Also need to consider the current political atmosphere--revenue generation was an initiative of Jim Bourey, former County Administrator; Jeff Spartz has a different philosophy.

Printing Charges: M. Jackson asked about follow-up on printing charges and sale of formatted disks. D. Cramer reported that a request to the County Board for approval of these fees is in the works. Library Board members requested that before submitted to Commissioners, pre-work be planned for this proposal.

Fugitive Facts: Discussion that this service was available on the HCL website and question if the service is copyrighted to HCL?
*** C. Brown will ask J. Morgan to check into this.

*** C. Brown will check on County standing on revenue generation issue.

Revenue Policy
Library Board members had reviewed a draft of this policy and requested staff input/review. J. Morgan requested staff input and C. Brown reported the feedback:

1) Are fines now considered primarily a means of generating revenue, rather than a means of getting patrons to return materials? If so, this is a policy shift.

2) Fines and Fees as two separate policies as they serve two different purposes?

Library Board discussion of the policy. C.Brown asked if the Library Board still feels a need for a revenue Policy, or perhaps re-title as a policy on "service charges."

P. Baskin moved acceptance of the Revenue Policy, seconded by J. Cole; motion was passed and progressed to the 10/28/98 meeting of full Library Board.


Library Board/County Board Breakfast
Cost of the breakfast held on October 20 was $119.00. Motion by D. Mueller to pay this cost from Library Board Undesignated Gift Fund; seconded; motion passed and will progress to the 10/28/98 Board meeting.

November 18 Ways & Means Meeting
This meeting was scheduled to begin the Internet discussion, based on the presentations made. Charles Brown, Peggy Kelly and Bob Zaragoza will be unavailable on 11/18.

Patti Baskin asked if anything else is needed by Library Board members prior to discussion of the Internet Public Use Policy. Consensus was that most Library Board members are ready for discussion; need to invite Marilyn Maloney (Assistant County Attorney) and Penny Johnson (KidLinks) to participate in discussion.

Following discussion, Library Board will ask staff to draft a memo to Commissioners outlining the process the Library Board followed in reviewing the policy, discussion points, attach copy of the policy, and highlight any changes made.

Discussion of the need for the November 18 and December 9 Ways & Means Committee meetings due to lack of agenda items; decision was made to cancel both meetings.

*** Marilyn Jackson recommended that the current Policy Committee (Jackson, Cole, Walsh, Morgan) review the Internet Public Use Policy and compare with other metro area policies (esp. with St. Paul Public policy). Will report on outcome at the discussion meeting. M. Jackson expressed a need to look at the policy in relation to discouraging use of e-mail and chat rooms.

Future Meeting Schedule:
November 18 Ways & Means - Cancelled
December 2 Library Board - OK, at St. Louis Park
December 9 Ways & Means - Cancelled
December 16 Library Board - Special Meeting, Internet Policy Discussion, at Rockford Road Library (light supper available)

Motion was made to adjourn was made by P. Kelly; seconded by C. Walsh; meeting was adjourned.