November 10, 1999

Library Board members present: J. Cole, J. Gibbs, M. Jackson, D. Mueller, C. Walsh, B. Zaragoza.
Library staff: C. Brown, D. Cramer, N. Perron, J. Morgan, M. Gillespie, and C. Ahrens.
Guests: JoAnn Harris (OBF) and Desyl Peterson (Minnetonka resident).

Meeting was called to order by Chair Zaragoza.

Motion to approve minutes of 9/8/99 meeting was made by M. Jackson, seconded by C. Walsh; motion passed.


Year 2000 Capital and Operating Budget
C. Brown reported that the budget process is moving along and is just short of being finalized. There will be significant challenges in 2000 due to dealing with a finite dollar amount. D. Cramer distributed two budget documents concerning the $680,000 addback to the 2000 budget. As usual, staff will manage the 2000 budget very closely and evaluate at mid-year. There are some unfunded programs (or a budget shortfall over 1999) that monies will need to be identified to cover. A couple of trustees specifically commended David Cramer and staff for the level of effort always exhibited on budget controls.

Capital Projects Update
C. Brown reported on each of the pending projects. Eden Prairie: a price for the Lund's store has been negotiated; actual construction on the building to begin in 2001. Maple Grove: staff met 11/9 with city officials, very anxious to include the library in the city center planning; may be funding in 2001 to begin architectural planning, but no guarantee; city will donate the land to library; will be meeting with Comm. Steele to discuss. Brookdale: Met 11/8 with Comm. Opat and other project participants; plans are for service center in 2000, library in late 2001 or early 2002. Edina: D. Cramer is working with County Attorney's Office for building swap and reported on the proposal the city selected. Wayzata: At Dec. 7 meeting, the City Council will make a commitment on the building. St. Louis Park/Hopkins: CBTF agreed to only half of the requested dollar amount, so plan to do St. Louis Park in 2000, Hopkins in 2001. Golden Valley: C. Brown visited the library after re-opening and is quite pleased with the outcome.
[John Gibbs joined the meeting.]
St. Anthony: looks like the library will be moving to a prime spot in the shopping center. Long Lake: D. Cramer met with the owner of the shopping center; they would like to move the library to another location in the center--and they will cover the moving cost.


Ways & Means Committee Meeting Schedule
J. Cole moved the proposed 2000 Library Board meeting schedule, C. Walsh seconded. J. Gibbs suggested trying a couple of morning meetings in 2000; selected May 10 and 24 for meetings at 8:00 a.m. Motion passed unanimously.

Library Board Expense Policy
C. Walsh read a statement on behalf of the Policy Committee: The Committee has "reviewed the Expense Policy and find it to be sufficiently broad, comprehensive and useful to the needs of the Library Board." The goal was to keep the language from becoming detailed, directive and procedural. A few points: 1) appropriate use of trustee funds--board members can make independent and acceptable judgement on whether to attend specific library-related conferences, classes, or other training without submitting requests to the chair for review, adding an approval process that provides no additional benefit; 2) nothing in the policy limits conference attendance or educational opportunity, with funds available to cover at "least one education experience per year;" 3) the Policy Committee is not aware of any misuse of funds or any trustee who has abused their share; 4) Committee believes it is important to strike specific procedures from any policy statements as there are opportunities to learn the procedure. C. Walsh moved approval of the policy as proposed and submission to the full board at the Dec. 1 meeting; J. Cole seconded the motion. B. Zaragoza announced that due to previoius discussion, the discussion on this policy would be limited to 5 min. per board member. M. Jackson suggested that the policy reflect the per diem limits for travel and reference the county policy. D. Mueller had no comment. J. Cole agrees with the policy as presented, but would also agree to add Jackson's statement. J. Gibbs stated that C. Walsh's report definitely reflected the Committee deliberations, and would also state that the county policy also covers the Library Board, so there is no needed for added references. C. Walsh had nothing further to add. B. Zaragoza agrees with the policy as submitted, no need to add or revise beyond work of Committee, and progress to full Library Board on December 1. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn made by J. Cole; seconded by C. Walsh; meeting was adjourned.