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Job Interviews Tips for People with Not-So-Hot Backgrounds
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You must do well in the job interview to get a job offer. But what should you say and do if you have red flags in your background -- you're a job hopper, lack focus, been incarcerated, experienced drug or alcohol problems, got fired, dropped out of school, received poor grades, lack experience, or appear over-qualified? Can you convince the prospective employer that you should be hired despite your red flags? Since employers want to make smart hiring decisions, they look for reasons not to hire you. Above all, they want to know the truth about you. So how do you plan to tell the truth about your background and when? Here's the book that finally sheds light on this critical issue for millions of individuals who have difficult but promising backgrounds. Stressing the importance of preparation, the authors show how to best handle each of these potential red flags by offering useful strategies along with sample red flag questions and answers. Covering both the verbal and nonverbal dimensions of the job interview. Whatever you do, make sure you speak the language of employers who are looking for truthfulness, character, and value in candidates. With the help of this unique book, you can quickly learn to turn your red flags into green lights for renewed job and career success!
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