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Future of Newspapers?
The Gannett Company recently announced plans to spin off their print newspaper division, including the popular USA Today, into a separate company. To boost yearly profits company executives will focus on their television business and digital assets. The reorganization should be completed during the coming year.
posted Aug 27, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Weather, Traffic and You
Wear a light jacket today? Allow extra time for your daily commute? A new service drawing on an individual's daily habits provides customized weather updates and current information regarding traffic and train delays. The service will expand to additional cities during the coming year.
posted Jul 31, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Pollution and Public Health
Health groups throughout the United States are optomistic that a plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants could help to improve the nation's public health. If the rules are adopted, a substantial decrease in the number of asthma cases and heart attacks could be realized within the first year.
posted Jul 2, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Early Fire Season
In recent weeks firefighters in California have been coping with numerous wildfires that burned thousands of acres and threatened several communities. Severe drought, extreme temperatures, and heavy winds could lead to a dramatic increse in fire activity during the coming months.
posted Jun 3, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Premier Reference Work
Planning a European vacation or a business trip to China, be sure to include The Statesman's Yearbook in your travel plans. Published since 1864, this online source identifies and describes information on a variety of subjects including current government leaders, trade statistics, and a listing of leading cultural institutions for each country. For anyone interested in world affairs, this would be an excellent companion to begin your research.
posted May 1, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Weather and Crime
Since the beginning of 2014, the number of gang-related shootings has declined in Chicago by more than half over that of 2013. Although the police have been very proactive in dealing with the city's 600 gang factions, some people attribute the decline to bitter cold temperatures that have kept residents indoors. Will the trend continue?
posted Apr 2, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

An Expensive Winter
While various areas of the country are experiencing one of the worst winters in decades, major cities are trying to cope with the financial strain of clearing streets, filling potholes, and dealing with a sudden increase in water main breaks. Many municipalities have already exhausted their budgets for snow removal and are now looking for additional revenue from state emergency funds.
posted Mar 4, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

A World View
Looking for a resource that provides an international perspective on world events? Try this important database. Whether you're researching the "Great Depression" or looking for current information on the "Middle East," this powerful search tool will provide access to over 1,300 international newspapers including the New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian.
posted Feb 4, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Start the Presses
Readers of this heavily read periodical will be happy to hear that Newsweek, a magazine that ceased their print publication in 2012, will reissue a print edition in 2014. Working under a new business model the editors are confident that the publication can be supported by an increase in subscription fees rather than advertising revenue.
posted Jan 2, 2014 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Something for Everyone
Published since 1818, the Farmers' Almanac provides timely information on a variety of subjects including healthy living, gardening, cooking, and weather forecasting. With a distribution of more than 2.6 million copies, this popular publication has become North America's favorite almanac.
posted Dec 3, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

A Call to Action
For the first time in years the Chinese government proposed a new plan to cut the deadly effects of pollution throughout the nation. Particular emphasis will be placed on setting limits on the burning of coal and taking high-polluting cars off the road. With outdoor pollution contributing to over 1.2 million premature deaths in China in 2010, the subject of pollution control is becoming a real serious political issue.
posted Nov 1, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Some Publishers Rebound
Magazine subscriptions and newstand sales continued to decline during the first six months of 2013. Among the hardest hit were weekly celebrity and women's titles. Although the figures were disappointing, selected digital editions, including Cosmopolitan and O, The Oprah Magazine, had double digit increases for the time period.
posted Oct 2, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Climate Concern
Given an increase in severe droughts, frequent blackouts, and raging wildfires, the Department of Energy suggests a series of steps to reduce future damage to our power supply system. With rising levels of carbon dioxide, the study emphasized the urgent need to reduce climate-altering emissions in the atmosphere.
posted Sep 4, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Research 101
Searching for a topic for your next term paper, why not consider this valuable library tool. Whether you're interested in the latest information on immigration, health care reform, childhood poverty, this resource provides full-text articles from a variety of magazines,
newspapers, and encyclopedias. Regardless of your topic, this is a good place to start your research.
posted Aug 1, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Weather Update
Looking forward to a weekend getaway, why not include this website in your travel plans. Whether you're interested in a one day or a seven day forecast, this site offers current information including marine conditions, satellite imagery, and timely weather alerts.
posted Jul 2, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Lifting a Town
After the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, many communities on the Jersey Shore are considering several innovative ways to protect their communities from the next big storm. At a cost of 25 million dollars, officials in Highlands, N.J. could raise their town 8 to 10 feet to prevent damage from future flooding.
posted Jun 5, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

A Worldwide Trend
With online advertising reaching a plateau, newspapers are now looking for additional revenue streams. Many publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post, are beginning to charge frequent visitors for access to their websites.
posted May 2, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

A New Direction for 2013
Prevention, a magazine for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, has a new look. This popular publication now features such timely topics as preventive health, fitness, natural remedies, and emotional healing. The updated layout contains brighter photos and several well-known authors including Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Tasneem Bhatia. These changes could lead to a wider audience during the coming year.
posted Apr 3, 2013 by Denis M Category: News/Weather

A Vanishing Breed
When the appropriate paperwork is filed with the Guinness World Records, Newt Wallace will become the world's oldest newspaper delivery person. At 93, Mr. Wallace still enjoys delivering the local paper to his many customers in Winters, California.
posted Mar 5, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

More Than a Magazine
Looking for a map of the Roman Empire or for some rare photographs of American Civil War battlefields, why not try the online version of National Geographic magazine? In addition to issues dating back to 1888, the reader will have access to a wide variety of books, images, and videos. Regardless of your interests, this source has something for everyone.
posted Feb 7, 2013 by Denis M. Category: News/Weather

Something is Missing
With the war in Afghanistan coming to an end, the subject of overseas conflicts no longer made the top news stories for 2012. During the past year the public seemed to be more concerned with economic issues rather than foreign affairs.
posted Jan 10, 2013 by Denis Mclaughlin Category: News/Weather

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