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The Minneapolis Collection manuscripts collection is comprised of personal papers, such as diaries and letters, which document the lives of both the city’s famous and lesser-known residents. Highlights of the collection include the papers of artist John Bradstreet, longtime Minneapolis Public Library director and American Library Association president Gratia Countryman, Star Tribune columnist Barbara Flanagan, and a seven-volume set of nineteenth-century diaries penned by teenager Ezra Pabody.

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Aldrich, Darragh
Darragh Aldrich (also known as Clara Chaplin Thomas, Clara Chapline Thomas Aldrich) was born December 31, 1884 in Richmond, Indiana and died on March 31, 1967 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduati...read more
(M/A 1994.01.01)

Anderson, Ruth (violinist)
Scrapbook of performers in Minneapolis and neighboring communities, 1890-1983. Programs, flyers, clippings concerning choral and orchestral performances in the area. Ephemera collected by Ruth Ande...read more
(M/A 1998.47.01)

Arnold, Morris LeRoy
Dr. Arnold was head of the Department of English Literature at Hamline University. He resided in Minneapolis at 2628 Park Avenue. He taught at Hamline from about 1906 to 1943. He was widely known for...read more
(M/A 1998.55.01-02)

Avery, Stanley R.
Choirmaster, organist for St. Mark's Episcopal Church, faculty member at McPhail School and College of Music. Includes scrapbooks compiled 1900-1922 and 1935, lists of published compositions, manus...read more
(M/A 1994.02.01-02)

Bailiff, Matilda Victorine (1883-1957)
Matilda Victorine Baillif was born in Bloomington, Minnesota on March 24, 1883. The daughter of Matilda Pepin and Jules Adolph Baillif, she had 5 brothers (Joseph Adolphus, John Theodore, Victor Alfre...read more
(M/A 1994.03.01)

Baker, Patricia
4th District Commissioner of the Park and Recreation Board, Minneapolis, 1986-1995. This collection consists of correspondence, memorandums, reports and publications pertaining to the Minneapolis Pa...read more
(M/A 1994.04.01-03)

Barnard, Floyd P. (1897-1987) Barnard, Margaret Westenberger
Floyd was a music teacher (Roosevelt High and Jefferson Junior High), composer, and Minneapolis Symphony musician. Margaret was a musician. Collection consists of musical scores, Minneapolis Symphon...read more
(M/A 1998.43.01-04)

Barrett, Lucille
Minneapolis poet Lucille Barrett was born in 1903, died at the age of 18 on January 28, 1921.
(M/A 1994.05.01 SCMC)

Bartholomew, Charles L.
Cartoonist for Minneapolis Journal 1899-1915. An extensive collection of his cartoons and proofs. Also in library collection, books by Bartholomew (see MPL catalog).
(M/A 1994.06.01-08)

Benidt, Bruce
Author of the Library Book: Centennial History of the Minneapolis Public Library. Includes notes, draft, tapes, correspondence, copy ready manuscript. Material dates fr...read more
(M/A 1994.07.01-03)

Bergquist, J. Victor
John Victor Bergquist (May 18, 1877-February 26, 1935) was born in St. Peter, MN and received a Bachelor of Music from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1895 at age 18. Serving as the organist of Augustana...read more
(M/A 2012.07)

Bernat, Leo 1924-1988
Bernat was Minneapolis Housing Commissioner, 1974-1977. Collection includes newsletters, meetings minutes, and miscellaneous writings for the following organizations and issues: United Neighbors, ...read more
(M/A 1998.05.01)

Berner, Felix A. (1890-1993)
Felix A. Berner was born November 21, 1890 in Le Mars, Iowa. Worked in the diamond and silver department at J.B. Hudson Jewelry. Berner later was department head and retired as general manager with ...read more
(M/A 2011.03.01)

Bjeldanes, Augusta
Augusta Bjeldanes was the founding librarian of the Roosevelt High School library which opened in 1922. Bjeldanes became good friends with many of her student assistants. Some she corresponded ...read more
(M/A 1998.49.01)

Boutelle, Grace Hodsdon
Poet, writer, activist (suffragette), folk music ethnologist. Clippings of her writings and poetry [1897]-1924.
(M/A 1994.08.01)

Bradstreet, John S.
Leading interior decorator and furniture designer in Minneapolis, 1889-1914. Articles by or about John S. Bradstreet, business brochures, stationery, program flyers. Clippings 1889-. See also SCM...read more
(M/A 1994.10.01-.02)

Bridgman, Betty
Member of West High School Class of 1932. Collection includes material pertaining to the 55th and 60th reunions (held in 1987 and 1992) of West High Class of 1932: alumni lists, letters, reunion boo...read more
(M/A 1998.06.01-.02)

Brink, Carol Ryrie
Writer of numerous juvenile and adult books including Newbery award winner Caddie Woodlawn. Collection includes manuscript of book The Twin Cities, newspaper clippings, and corresponde...read more
(M/A 1994.09.01)

Brock, Emma L
Local artist active in the area during [1915-1941]. Collection is the art work for the book Memoirs of a London Doll. Original work. See also SCMC VF: Biography: Brock, Emma.
(M/A 1998.46.01)

Brooks, Gladys
The collection includes mostly material relating to Brooks' run for the mayor of Minneapolis in 1973 and some materials for her campaign for Alderman in 1969. It includes campaign literature, corre...read more
(M/A 2005.09.01-.02)

Burke, Dorothy
Research material for the Minneapolis area including Hennepin and 4th Street and Marquette also called Newspaper Row. Includes research material, clippings and photos of buildings, hotels and houses...read more
(M/A 1994.11.01)

Carle, Frank Austin (1851-1930)
Born in Spencerport, NY, on July 21, 1851. He studied at the Universities of Wisconsin and Michigan, earning a BA in 1874. He started his journalistic career in Indianapolis in 1876, later working for...read more
(M/A 2013.05.01)

Chapman, Louise
Louise Chapman was an assistant in the Music Department at the Minneapolis Public Library. In 1934, she took a leave of absence from her position and started researching the history of music in Minnes...read more
(M/A 2010.04.01-02)

Cheney, Mary Moulton
Artist, art instructor, and director Minneapolis School of Art (1917-1926). Cheney organized first class in design for the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts in 1897. She eventually became director of ...read more
(M/A 1998.40.01)

Countryman, Gratia A.
Librarian (1900-1905), Chief Librarian (1905-1936) for the Minneapolis Public Library. Includes clippings, clubs and organizations, mementoes, writings, diary, real estate materials. See also Mpls...read more
(M/A 1997.01.01-.09)

Cram, Marcella (Marcie)
Marcella and her family lived in the Sumner Glenwood Neighborhood. Her father owned the Victory Drug at 4159 Thomas Ave N. This collection is from Marcella's high school and college years. After...read more
(M/A 1998.65.01-02)

Cross, Marion Eleanor 1903-1997
Translator of Louis Hennepin's Description of Louisiana (published in 1938). Collection includes correspondence, worksheets and manuscript copy of book on Hennepin. See also published boo...read more
(M/A 1994.13.01)

Dayton-Winchell Family Papers
Includes books, papers, materials from Newton Horace Winchell and other family members. Speeches, photographs materials from national political events (1900) with the international travel in offic...read more
(M/A 1994.14.01-09)

Decker, Edward S. (1893-1962)
Edward Decker was associated with the Russell-Miller Milling Co. for over 40 years. He retired in 1958 as a vice president of the company. He was a graduate of Central High School, Minneapolis, a...read more
(M/A 1998.57.01)

Donovan, Dayne
Minneapolis resident, World War I soldier stationed in France. Family papers, photos, postcards, newspapers and clippings.
(M/A 1994.15.01)

Dunwoody, William H.
Dunwoody, banker and flour manufacturer, was born in Chester Co., Pa. in 1841. He was educated in Philadelphia and began an active career by working in a grain and flour store of his uncle's in Phi...read more
(M/A 1994.30.01)

Flanagan, Barbara
Minneapolis newspaper columnist for the Minneapolis Star and Tribune beginning in the 1940s, author, city promoter extraordinaire. Barbara Flanagan was born in Des Moines, Iowa and attende...read more
(M/A 1994.16.01-66)

Fletcher, Ken
Ken Fletcher is an amateur transit enthusiast and architectural model designer. In 1976, Fletcher prepared a proposal for the Hiawatha Avenue Citizens Advisory Committee suggesting a light rail line b...read more
(M/A 2012.20)

Fraser, Donald
Former State Senator, 5th District Congressman and Minneapolis Mayor, he was born February 20, 1924. He grew up in Southeast Minneapolis and attended Marcy Elementary, University High School, and ...read more
(M/A 1998.56.01-03)

Gale, Samuel A.
Scrapbook of theater, newspaper clippings and programs. Appears to be performances that he attended, not necessarily local; time period late 1800s early 1900s.
(M/A 1998.63.01)

Gale, Sarah Pillsbury
Sarah "Sadie" Belle Pillsbury Gale was born in 1866 to John Sargent Pillsbury, founder of the C.A. Pillsbury and Company milling company and eighth Governor of Minnesota. She was his youngest daughter...read more
(M/A 1998.17.01)

Glyer, Violet
May Violet Victoria Glyer (who went by the name of Violet)was born in Chisago County, MN on May 31st, 1907 to Alfred and Beda Lindberg Glyer. Violet graduated from Forest Lake High School in 1925. Vio...read more
(M/A 2005.07.01)

Goodwin, Hugo
Studied with Wilhelm Middelschulte in Chicago, the French composer and organist Charles Widor and the pianist Moszkowsky. He was a well-known organist, giving 697 concerts in the St. Paul Municipal Au...read more
(M/A 2012.09)

Guindon, Dick
Editorial cartoonist for Minneapolis Tribune, 1963-1981. Nationally syndicated as of May 1, 1978. Moved to Detroit, Michigan as of February 1, 1981. Collection consists of clippings about Gu...read more
(M/A 1994.17.01)

Harrington, Clara
Scrapbook compiled by Clara Harrington, 1940-1949. Details and documents her donation of a mobile canteen for the British Military via the English-Speaking Union. Correspondence and newspaper clipp...read more
(M/A 1994.18.01)

Hauser, Irene Melgaard
Irene Melgaard Hauser was born in Argyle, Minnesota in 1896. She died February 17, 1990. She was an English major at Carleton College and graduaded magna cum laude in 1918. She was the first female ...read more
(M/A 2005.06.01)

Hawley, Newton
Newton F. Hawley was born in Springdale, Iowa in 1859. After attending school at Grinnell College in Iowa, Hawley practiced law for over 20 years. In 1906, he was named the treasurer and managing exec...read more
(M/A 2012.11)

Herou, Louise (1921-2003 )
Scrapbooks of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and some 1960s. Herou was an exceptional athlete particularly in speed skating and golf. She also participated in swimming and Diamondball (softball). The scra...read more
(M/A 1998.50.01-06)

Hill, Horace M. (1861-1948)
President of Janney, Semple, Hill & Co., Minneapolis. Collection consists of two scrapbooks concerning Mr. Hill's death. One scrapbook (black) contains sympathy letters from business firms both nati...read more
(M/A 1998.38.01-04)

Hill, James J and family
Includes some commemorative program materials, newspapers clippings on Hill and family members. Also includes information concerning house in St. Paul, art collection, and the Hill family foundation...read more
(M/A 1994.19.01)

Hill, Lawrence J.
North Dakota theater professor. Collection consists of four boxes of research for Ph.D. thesis -- A History of Variety: Vaudeville in Minneapolis, Minnesota fr...read more
(M/A 1998.42.01-04)

Holtzermann, Jacob D. (J.D.), Eugenie (Jennie) and family
Jacob (J. D.) owner of Holtzermann Imports, business and political leader, speaker and journalist (1930s-1960s). Eugenie (Jennie) originally from Vienna, married J. D., came to Minneapolis, artist ...read more
(M/A 1994.20.01-02)

Humphrey, Hubert H. and Muriel
Collection includes materials mostly on Hubert H. (senator, vice-president candidate) with some material on his wife Muriel (political partner and senator following HHH's death). Materials consist...read more
(M/A 1994.21.01-03)

Irvin, Laurence
Minneapolis city planning director, 1958-1975, federal grants coordinator for Minneapolis, and city planner emeritus, 1976-1982. Includes detailed reports and discussions on city projects such as sk...read more
(M/A 1994.22.01-10)

Jensen, Laurence
This two box collection consists mostly of the correspondence from Laurence to his girlfriend during the years of 1942-1945. He talks about his daily life in the military and what he does for enter...read more
(M/A 2003.05.01-.02)

Jensen, William Leland, 1907-1998
Informative collection of clippings, correspondence, reports, publications, photographs, and miscellaneous materials pertaining to the War Production Board (after the World War II called the Civilia...read more
(M/A 1998.48.01-02)

Johnson, Asa Emery
Asa Emery Johnson was born in 1825 in Bridgewater, New York. After studying homeopathy, he entered into a three year medical apprenticeship with a Dr. Erastus King. He completed his professional studi...read more

Johnson, Charles O.
Executive sports editor for the Minneapolis Star and Minneapolis Tribune. Johnson was instrumental in bringing professional sports to Minnesota including the Lakers, the Vikings, t...read more
(M/A 1994.24.01)

Johnson, Edward M.
Diaries kept 1873-1874 during a bicycle trip through Europe. Edward M. Johnson may have become a lawyer and alderman from 2nd ward in Minneapolis. Firm may have been Johnson & Leonard.
(M/A 1994.25.01)

Johnstone, Muriel Ruth
North High School Senior Memory Book, 1922-1923.
(M/A 2005.03.01)

Jones, Harry Wild (1859-1935)
Harry Wild Jones (1859-1935) a noted Minneapolis architect born in Michigan, worked under H.H. Richardson in Boston for one year. Founded his own firm in Minneapolis in 1885. He taught architectu...read more
(M/A 1998.66.01-02)

Kellogg, Frank B. 1856-1937
U.S. Senator, Ambassador, Secretary of State, Nobel Peace Prize winner (1930). Papers include clippings on Kellogg's life and correspondence concerning campaign to have him nominated for the Nobel ...read more
(M/A 1994.12.01)

Killen, Marcella F.
Killen worked for the U.S. Dept. of Interior, 10 years. She ran unsuccessfully for the seat in U.S. House of Representatives, 1946-1952 to represent the 5th Ward and later the 3rd Ward. First she r...read more
(M/A 1994.26.01-02)

Kittleson, J. (John) Harold 1905-2002
This very extensive collection, including books, photos, scrapbooks, diaries, clippings, other ephemera, has material that documents Kittleson's loves, his interests, and his experiences including ...read more
(M/A 1994.27.01-25)

Larsen, Andreas Ruud (1876-1942)
Talented stained glass artist. Larsen demonstrated careful handling of color and reverent treatment of religious subjects and artistic execution of figures and designs. Total of 180 items in coll...read more
(M/A 1994.28.01-04)

Larson, Walter E.
Walter E. Larson served as a director at State Bank. A native of Minneapolis, Larson worked in the meat business for a number of years before joining the board of directors of the Clinic Equipment C...read more
(M/A 2007.01.01)

Leach, George E. 1876-1955
Leach received significant media coverage as an officer in the Minnesota National Guard. He also served as mayor of Minneapolis for seven terms, 1921-1929 and 1937-1941. This collection includes cl...read more
(M/A 1994.31.01-03)

Leslie, Frank P. (1892-1972)
President of Leslie Paper Co., collector of rare books. Collection includes scrapbook (1907-1910), West High Yearbook for1911, clippings, miscellaneous booklets, three West High photos. Als...read more
(M/A 1998.39.01-.03)

Leslie, Ruth Hill (1892-1969)
Collection includes a charming scrapbook from when Ruth was 15 to 17 years old (1907-1909), two travel diaries (1961-1964), clipping of her obituary and miscellaneous items such as report cards, let...read more
(M/A 1998.50.01-02)

Lofstrom, Edward V.
Collection includes papers from his activities as a citizen activist for alternative forms of transportation. Papers include materials from the Twin Cities Metropolitan Transit Commission, the Advis...read more
(M/A 1994.29.01-02)

Loring, Albert C. (1858-1932)
Leader in milling industry starting in 1874. He was president of Pillsbury Flour Company 1908-1931, director of Great Northern
(M/A 1994.32.01)

Mattke, Harold W., (February 9, 1923- )
Collection of daily entries in diaries beginning in 1941 and ending in 2004. The diaries were written by Harold Mattke and reflect his daily life over the course of many years.
(M/A 2004.03.01-04)

May, Jeanette
Jeanette May (1931-) was a long-time resident of Northeast Minneapolis and a community advocate. She was born in Braham, MN and moved to Northeast Minneapolis in 1941.
(M/A 2009.03.01-38)

McConnell, Viola Carlberg (1903-1996)
Author, editor, church activist. Miscellaneous materials including articles written by McConnell, programs, notices, newsletters, photographs and snapshots of the Girl's Friendly Society, Religious...read more
(M/A 1994.33.01)

Mitchell, John H. Jr. (1878-1963)
Established Mitchell Advertising Agency in 1903. The collection includes a cursory look at John Mitchell, his family and a few of the organizations that he was extensively involved with, specifical...read more
(M/A 1994.34.02)

Mitropoulous, Dimitri (1896 - 1960)
Permanent conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra from 1937 to 1949. His obituary stated that he ~was the best loved of all the permanent conductors of the Minneapolis Symphony. He was an in...read more
(M/A 1998.52.01)

Mondale, Walter F. and Joan
Active in politics throughout his adult life, Walter served consecutively as Minnesota attorney general, U.S. senator and vice president. He was vice-president of the United States during Jimmy Cart...read more
(M/A 1994.35.01-.03)

Mull, Margaret (1910-1990)
Chief of Community Libraries, Minneapolis Public Library. Collection includes scrapbook given to her at her retirement dinner March 17, 1973 as well as letters of appreciation sent to her from vario...read more
(M/A 1998.41.01)

Naftalin, Arthur (1917-2003)
Mayor of Minneapolis 1961-1969. Includes newspaper clippings (1940s-1980s) on mayoral career, biographical and miscellaneous items (campaign brochures, Christmas cards, several letters, etc.). Also ...read more
(M/A 1998.08.01-02)

Nagurski, Bronko (1908-1990)
University of Minnesota and pro-football legend. Collection consists of newspaper clippings from 1928 through his death in 1990. Also includes obituary notice of spouse Eileen Kane Nagurski.
(M/A 1998.09.01)

Needham Hollenbeck, Rosemary
Enlisted in first year of the Marine Corp's Women's Reserve, 1943. Served from 1943-1947. Was stationed in Edenton, North Carolina, Cherry Point, NC, and San Diego, CA. Collection includes photogra...read more
(M/A 1998.45.01-03)

Oberhoffer, Emil (1867-1933)
Founder and conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra from 1903 to 1922. His obituary states that ~he was the greatest man in the short but outstanding history of Minneapolis music in an impor...read more
(M/A 1998.53.01-04)

Olson, Floyd B. (1891-1936)
Governor of Minnesota, 1931-1936. Collection consists mainly of newspaper clippings (1921-1980s) with emphasis on his years as governor. Miscellaneous items relating to campaigns, memorials, his Min...read more
(M/A 1998.01-03)

Olson, Philip (1890-1986)
Sgt. Philip Olson served in World War I with the 25th Regiment Engineers. After his enlistment he departed New York for France on October 31, 1918 aboard the transport ship Agamemnon. The journey was ...read more
(M/A 2012.01.01)

Oren, Mabel H. (1885-1967)
Taught creative writing classes at the Minneapolis Public Library during the late 30s and early 40s. Includes monthly reports on creative writing (stories, poems, etc. sold to publications), class a...read more
(M/A 1998.11.01)

Orth, John and family
John Orth was the first brewer in the Minneapolis/St. Anthony area. His brewery along with 3 other breweries merged in July 1890 to become the Minneapolis Brewing and Malting Company (later Minneapoli...read more
(M/A 2010.02.01)

Osborn Family
Two scrapbooks kept by a Helen Osborn Cook who lived in Minneapolis in the 30s and 40s. She was a stenographer in 1938 at the Minnesota Soldiers Home where she also resided. Photos and clippings, ep...read more
(M/A 1998.12)

Oue, Eiji
Ninth music director of the Minnesota Orchestra, September 1995 to May 2002. Before joining the Minnesota Orchestra he served as music director of Pennsylvania's Erie Philharmonic from 1991 to 1995. ...read more
(M/A 1998.54.01)

Pabody, Ezra Fitch
Diaries of twelve year old Minneapolis boy covering the years 1882, and 1885 through 1890. The journals chronicle everything about his daily life, school, family, church, exercise, nature, and explor...read more
(M/A 1998.13.01)

Paige, Mabeth Hurd (1870-1961)
Lawyer, state legislator (1922-1944), civic worker, suffragist. Correspondence, papers from 1900-1950s. Biographical materials as well as Mabeth Paige's manuscript on reminiscences of her life. Also...read more
(M/A 1998.14.01-02)

Pattee, William S. (1846-1911)
William Sullivan Pattee was born in Maine in 1846. While attending Bowdoin he taught in public schools in Brunswick. He was a professor of Greek at the University of Lake Forrest. In 1874, he became t...read more
(M/A 1998.16.01)

Patton, Willard
Born in Milford, ME, Willard Patton (May 26, 1853-December 14, 1924) was a musician, teacher and composer. He composed more than 90 works, including songs, operas, choral works, oratorios and cantatas...read more
(M/A 2012.04)

Peake, Emily
Emily Peake was an Ojibwa woman who was born in Minnesota in 1920. She studied history, political science, and psychology at the University of Minnesota, and she received a Bachelor's Degree in 1947. ...read more
(M/A 2005.05.01-.03)

Powell, John Walker (1872-1953)
Rev. John Walker Powell was born March 22, 1872, in Blue Earth, Minnesota. He became a pastor and served in multiple Minnesota communities. He then worked as a lecturer at the University of Minnesota,...read more
(M/A 1998.18.01)

Pranke, Richard Nicholas (1911- )
Retired F.B.I agent. Assigned to Minneapolis FBI office from 1950 to when he retired March 31, 1961 (see pages 671-861) First copy of manuscript of his autobiography, Autobiography, Travels and ...read more
(M/A 1998.19.01)

Quist, Peter P. (1854-1939)
Quist was born in Sweden (1854) and came to the US when he was 10 years old. As an adult he took great pains to tell the story of his parents and the siblings of his and his parents. He reproduc...read more
(M/A 2005.04.01-02)

Rawlings, Edwin W. (1905-1997)
Retired Air Force General, General Mills chairman (1967-1969). Includes biographical clippings, miscellaneous items dealing with autobiography. Also includes copy of manuscript Born to Fly ...read more
(M/A 1998.20.01)

Reed, Frederick Watson (1853-1945)
Attorney for Legal Aid Society and practicing attorney in a Minneapolis law firm. Collection consists of miscellaneous letters and papers (early1900s to1940s) presented to the Minneapolis Collection ...read more
(M/A 1998.21.01)

Reid, Bob
Collection consists of publicity releases for major sports and entertainment events in the metro area for 1955-1963. Bob Reid started in the entertainment business while a student at the University ...read more
(M/A 1998.22.01)

Rochford, Daniel 1900-1996
Writer/journalist for various newspapers and magazines including the Boston Transcript. During WWII, he headed the Target Area Control for the Overseas Branch, Office of War Information. He worked...read more
(M/A 1998.01.01)

Saint Denis, Charles (1901-1971)
Lawyer, radio broadcaster aboard USS America in 1931, also served as general counsel for the state emergency relief administration in 1935. Collection includes letters (1927-1934) and notes, memos f...read more
(M/A 1998.23.01)

Scott, Jessaline
Jessaline Scott (also known as Mrs. I. G. Scott) represented the Fourth District of Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. She was the first woman to serve on the County Board of Commissioners. Sh...read more
(M/A 1998.60.01-05)

Shipstead, Henrik (1881-1960)
U.S. Senator. Collection consists mainly of newspaper clippings (1920s to1960). Also includes several speeches made in Congress and on WCCO radio.
(M/A 1998.24.01)

Shuey, Alfred M. (1846-1930)
Organist, composer, ~father~ of Shriner drill patrol. Collection includes two scrapbooks containing clippings and programs from many Minneapolis musical events. Scrapbook I from 1868-1881 and Scrapb...read more
(M/A 1998.25.01)

Smith, James G. 1909-
Collection is of World War 1939-1945 correspondence and includes some photographs. Correspondence includes over 300 letters to his wife and parents detailing his life in the service. Prior to enli...read more
(M/A 1998.02.01-02)

Stebbins, Edward S. (1854-1934)
Minneapolis architect including many Minneapolis Public School buildings.. Collection includes manuscript by Patty Baker on the life and work of Edward Stebbins. Also miscellaneous items such as ...read more
(M/A 1998.26.01)

Taney, Clifford A. Jr. (1899-1961)
Graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1920. His career in the military was halted after a leg injury shortly after graduation. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School in June ...read more
(M/A 1998.58.01)

Thompson, Ruth
Librarian of the Minnesota Collection at Minneapolis Public Library, her column, Minnesota Memories appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune from January 1, 1945 through October 9, 1950. These ...read more
(M/A 1998.07.01-02)

Ueland, Brenda (1891-1985)
Writer, nationally known author. Collection includes newspaper clippings, some of her columns from various newspapers including ~Round the Town~ in Shopping News for 1943. Includes two lett...read more
(M/A 1998.27.01)

Upham, Daniel (1907-1978)
Minneapolis Star columnist, associate editor. Collection consists of correspondence (1952-1975), ~Downtown~ column clips (1969-1972), transcripts of news programs, two notebooks, photos, an...read more
(M/A 1998.28.01-02)

Vandenbergh, Pieter and family
Pieter (1886-1981), member of Minneapolis Painters' Union Local 386 and the First Unitarian Society. He also had a great interest in the Cooperative movement (as in food cooperatives, etc.). Collect...read more
(M/A 1998.29.01-02)

Wallace, Sarah Leslie
Sarah Leslie Wallace was born in Kansas City, Missouri. As a small child she moved to Minneapolis with her family. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the College of St. Catherin...read more
(M/A 2005.02.01)

Warmington, Carl (1907-
Musician, social worker, Minneapolis resident. Collection includes biographical reminiscences, especially about the Depression and Mr. Warmington's days as a member of a Jazz band during the 1920s. ...read more
(M/A 1998.30.01)

Watson Family: Grace, Alice, and Amelia G.
Amelia Watson (married to Jabez-Poole) (1845-) of Marshall, MN was a writer. Collection consists of her diaries 1866-1932. Also a scrapbook of her articles etc. Alice Watson (married to Donald R. Da...read more
(M/A 1998.31.01)

Weld, Charlotte
Collection consists of papers dealing the Women's Division of Hennepin War Savings Committee, Minneapolis Volunteer Service Bureau (primarily 1947-1948) in connection with the Minneapolis Council of...read more
(M/A 1998.51.02)

Wells, Leonard
Leonard Wells was the book buyer of Powers Department Store. He began his career at Powers as a buyer for the drug department. He began with new books, but eventually branched out into used, rare and ...read more
(M/A 2012.22)

Wells, Martha C.
Founder of The Tourist Club. Collection includes programs prepared by Martha Wells for The Tourist Club (1891-1910), Merriam Park Woman's Club (early 1900s), and The Argosy (early 1900s). Also inclu...read more
(M/A 1998.32.01)

Whitcomb, Anna W. (1886-1980)
Poet, teacher. Collection includes poems (1929-1970s). Also miscellaneous papers and a scrapbook travel diary of her trip to Alaska in June/July 1936.
(M/A 1998.33.01)

Wilkinson, William (1848-1925)
Episcopal clergyman, ~Bishop of Wall Street.~ Collection includes biographical clippings including obituary and a scrapbook.
(M/A 1998.34.01)

Williams, J. Austin
Tenor, choir director of Gethsemane Episcopal Church. Collection includes clippings, miscellaneous papers, letters, programs etc. and a scrapbook (1900-1910).
(M/A 1998.35.01)

Williams, Thomas Hale (1814-1901)
Minneapolis pioneer, first librarian of the Minneapolis Athenaeum (ca. 1859-1899). Collection includes copies of several newspaper clippings including obituary as well as several letters. Also two s...read more
(M/A 1998.36.01)

Wirth, Theodore 1864-1949
Superintendent of Minneapolis Park System, 1906-1935. Collection includes the original letterpress copies (as well as a photocopied set) of Wirth's correspondence, 1899-1907 and biographical profil...read more
(M/A 1999.01.01-.03)

Young, James Carleton 1856-1918
An exceptional collector of rare books and first editions. Collection includes autographed books of local interest, letters, articles about Young, photographs, research notebooks, and miscellaneous...read more
(M/A 1998.04.01)

Youngdahl, Luther (1896-1978)
Minnesota governor, lawyer, judge. Collection consists mainly of newspaper clippings (1920s through 1970s) as well as miscellaneous items such as 1951 inaugural address, 1949 budget message and a sk...read more
(M/A 1998.37.01)

Zalusky, Joseph (1881-1970)
Hennepin Co. Historical Society president, executive secretary; historian, geologist and Minneapolis City Planning Commission staff member. Collection includes biographical clippings and ten boxes o...read more
(M/A 1998.44.01-10.)

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