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Were you ever in foster care?
If you are currently or were in foster care or a group home after you were 16, here's a list of Hennepin County Youth Resource Tips. The county will help you find a job and give you job training; and will seek out health insurance, medical care, and basic needs like food/shelter for you. They will also help you get your GED and explore higher education.
posted Apr 2, 2013 by Jody W. Category: EmergencyHelp

Food Issues
March is National Nutrition Month. If your concern is malnutrition because it's hard to get enough to eat, check the list of Food resources. If you'd like to learn more to keep yourself healthy, check the great links on the EatRight links page.
posted Mar 1, 2013 by Susan W. Category: EmergencyHelp

More down than up?
Check the listings of Emergency Help for access to the resources you need. If you are looking for help with multiple problems, the Community Resources page is a good place to start.
posted Feb 2, 2013 by Susan W. Category: EmergencyHelp

Call now for free dental care
February 1 and 2 low-income kids through age 18 can get free dental care at participating dentists. Call 1.800.543.7709 to learn more. Appointments are needed. See Give Kids a Smile.
posted Jan 9, 2013 by Susan W. Category: EmergencyHelp