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books on request (8 titles)
Contributed by booklion246
what I'm reading now (7 titles)
Feel free to comment!!
Contributed by booklion246
school reads (3 titles)
books i have read in school
Contributed by hanna0498
Take action, change your world! (49 titles)
Books for teens who want to make a difference in their world.
Contributed by theycallmeej
kiss kiss bang bang (4 titles)
love storys that have alot of turns and twists and makes u wish u were like them :(
Contributed by Try Hard
tbr series (47 titles)
Contributed by booklion246
tbr singles (23 titles)
Contributed by booklion246
Banned/Challenged Teen Books (29 titles)
In honor of Banned Books Week (Sept. 21-27), here are the most commonly banned or challenged Teen/Young Adult novels. Most of these books have been challenged in libraries and school districts in the past few years. They have been challenged for a variety of reasons, including being explicit, for having offensive language, and for having themes that are "unsuitable" for teens. Have you read any of these books? What do you think?
Contributed by theycallmeej
Freaky Fantasies and Fiction (3 titles)
Contributed by Firepheonix
Books To Read Before You Die (10 titles)
Can't find a good book? Here are a few suggestions. Like dystopia? Fantasy? Other? Got it.
Contributed by Noor Mirza
YA books about Computers, Hackers, and Hacking. (20 titles)
Like thrillers, cybercrimes, and reading about how computers could (or are) effecting your everyday life? Take a look at these!
Contributed by theycallmeej
Good, Interesting YA Fiction (12 titles)
YA Fiction that is actually somewhat different from the usual paranormal romance niche (or at least does it well).
Contributed by zombifypanacea
If you liked The Fault in Our Stars... (34 titles)
If you loved The Fault in Our Stars and want to read more books like it, check out some of these!
Contributed by theycallmeej
Don't read unless you wish to read poorly written work (5 titles)
A list of poorly written books that I wonder how they even got published.
Contributed by Reign
My Favorite Fantasies (7 titles)
Ever wonder what author's perceive faeries as? What about other mystical creatures? Here are some author's inside views on faeries!
Contributed by faeries_exist
my favorites (5 titles)
the books that i love the most :)
Contributed by
fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/adventure books (33 titles)
A bunch of awesome books that I have enjoyed
Contributed by booklion246
Contemporary (15 titles)
Contributed by booklion246
Dystopian Awesomeness (20 titles)
All the dystopian/utopian books I have read. All of these are part of a series.
Contributed by booklion246
My Favorite Books (3 titles)
These are books I read and enjoyed very much. The more comments there are, the better the book probably was. You MUST try them.
Contributed by chaya rox
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