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Are you a Shopholic? Cause, like, totally, like I am like, totally a like, total Shophalic!!!!!! (3 titles)
Beatuy and the Beast (7 titles)
Books that are starlight and moonlight showstopping, with some action!
Books on remarkable history (4 titles)
Books that keep you biting your nails (16 titles)
just wanted to show ya peeps. These books are made for ya peeps who LOVE getting involved in a whirlwind of events.All of these authors are like great. Queen of Suspense is Mary Higgins nickname.
Dawn of the book lovers (11 titles)
Really great books all mystery or really good books that are like for ya peeps!!!
fantasty, thriller, sci fi (5 titles)
find the guts to read (7 titles)
For you Peepz (4 titles)
good books to read!!!! (8 titles)
hunger games booklist for lovers!!!!! (3 titles)
Hunger games for all crazy fans!
Intresting Titles That You Wish You Could Read (15 titles)
Mom! I am just reading my book leave my alone! What do you mean I read to much?????!!!!!!! (8 titles)
Hey I just wanna share some really good reads!
Odd Romances (7 titles)
Scream!!!!!! I can't believe I stayed up till midnight to finish this!!!! (4 titles)
A couple titles that will keep you reading until the end...
Sweet Valley High Christmas present (3 titles)
To you sweet valley high lovers!!!!!
The High Class (9 titles)
Books that are about living the high life and the dangerous life at the same time. Books that ya peeps really seem to love or books that are made for readers who are top.
What you wanna read but cant find the guts (10 titles)
Great books that have been recommended for ya peeps, hope ya like this!!!!
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