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Surviving Sexual Violence
Stories of survivors rebuilding their lives after having them shattered.
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  Cover Art: Date and Acquaintance Rape Date and Acquaintance Rape
A collection of personal narratives on date and acquaintance rape.
107 p. 2009
Teen Nonfiction Book
  Cover Art: Speak Anderson, Laurie Halse
A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year in high school.
197 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
Other formats available
  Cover Art: The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon Beitia, Sara
The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon
When seventeen-year-old Albert Morales's girlfriend Lily goes missing and he is the main suspect in her disappearance, he must deflect the worries of his angry parents, the suspicions of the police, and Lily's dangerous stepfather as Albert desperately tries to find her, with her sister as his only ally.
301 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Nicholas Dane Burgess, Melvin
Nicholas Dane
When his single mother dies of a heroin overdose, fourteen-year-old Nick is sent into England's institutional care system, where he endures harsh punishment, sexual abuse, and witnesses horrors on a daily basis before emerging, emotionally scarred but still alive. Loosely based on "Oliver Twist."
403 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Because I Am Furniture Chaltas, Thalia
Because I Am Furniture
The youngest of three siblings, fourteen-year-old Anke feels both relieved and neglected that her father abuses her brother and sister but ignores her, but when she catches him with one of her friends, she finally becomes angry enough to take action.
352 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: You Against Me Downham, Jenny
You Against Me
When eighteen-year-old Mikey's younger sister claims to have been raped and he seeks to avenge the crime, he meets Ellie, the sister of the accused, and befriends her, complicating the situation considerably for all of them.
412 p. 2011
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Darkness Before Dawn Draper, Sharon M.
Darkness Before Dawn
Recovering from the recent suicide of her ex-boyfriend, senior class president Keisha Montgomery finds herself attracted to a dangerous, older man.
233 pages 2013
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Identical Hopkins, Ellen
Sixteen-year-old identical twin daughters of a district court judge and a candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Kaeleigh and Raeanne Gardella desperately struggle with secrets that have already torn them and their family apart.
565 p. 2008
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Chasing Tail Lights Jones, Patrick
Chasing Tail Lights
Seventeen-year-old Christy wants only to finish high school and escape her Flint, Michigan, home, where she cooks, cleans, cares for her niece, and tries to fend off her half-brother, a drug dealer who has been abusing her since she was eleven.
294 p. 2007
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Lessons from a Dead Girl Knowles, Johanna
Lessons from a Dead Girl
After her former friend Leah dies in an automobile accident, Laine remembers their troubled relationship, dating back to elementary school when Leah convinced Laine to "practice" in the closet with her, and Leah controlled her every thought.
215 p. 2007
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Inexcusable Lynch, Chris
High school senior and football player Keir sets out to enjoy himself on graduation night, but when he attempts to comfort a friend whose date has left her stranded, things go terribly wrong.
165 p. 2005
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Exposed Marcus, Kimberly
High school senior Liz, a gifted photographer, can no longer see things clearly after her best friend accuses Liz's older brother of a terrible crime.
260 p. 2011
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: One Lonely Degree Martin, C. K. Kelly
One Lonely Degree
When fifteen-year-old Finn's world falls apart after a violent sexual encounter, the only person she can talk to her is her best friend, Audrey, until beautiful boy Jersy moves back to town and both girls develop feelings for him that threaten to destroy their friendship.
243 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Missing Girl Mazer, Norma Fox
The Missing Girl
In Mallory, New York, as five sisters, aged eleven to seventeen, deal with assorted problems, conflicts, fears, and yearnings, a mysterious middle-aged man watches them, fascinated, deciding which one he likes the best.
284 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Prey McDaniel, Lurlene
Told from their separate points of view, fifteen-year-old Ryan has a secret affair with his thirty-three-year-old history teacher at an Atlanta high school, and his best friend Honey becomes determined to uncover the reason he is increasingly distant.
196 p. 2008
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Fade McMann, Lisa
Using her ability to tap into other people's dreams, eighteen-year-old Janie investigates an alleged sex ring at her high school that involves teachers using the date rape drug on students.
248 p. 2009
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Dead End Myers, Jason
Dead End
Dru and Gina are in love, and can't wait to get out of Marshall, Nebraska where bloodline means everything and whoever has the money makes the rules. But when Gina has a run-in with the son of the richest man in Marshall, the incident leaves her broken, battered, and violated. Driven by rage, Dru and Gina take matters into their own hands. On the run and in danger, even love might not be enough to save them.
361 p. 2011
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Sharp Time O'Connell, Mary
The Sharp Time
In the week following her mother's death in a freak accident, eighteen-year-old Sandanista Jones finds small measures of happiness even as she fantasizes about an act of revenge against an abusive teacher at her high school.
229 p. 2011
Teen Fiction Book
Other formats available
  Cover Art: Scars Rainfield, C. A.
Fifteen-year-old Kendra, a budding artist, has not felt safe since she began to recall devastating memories of childhood sexual abuse, especially since she cannot remember her abuser's identity, and she copes with the pressure by cutting herself.
248 p. 2010
Teen Fiction Book
  Cover Art: 33 Snowfish Rapp, Adam
33 Snowfish
A homeless boy, running from the police with a fifteen-year-old, drug-addicted prostitute, her boyfriend who just killed his own parents, and a baby, gets the chance to make a better life for himself.
179 p. 2003
Teen Fiction Book
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