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Don't read unless you wish to read poorly written work (5 titles)
A list of poorly written books that I wonder how they even got published.
Contributed by Reign
My Favorite Fantasies (7 titles)
Ever wonder what author's perceive faeries as? What about other mystical creatures? Here are some author's inside views on faeries!
Contributed by faeries_exist
really want to read!!! (20 titles)
The books I'm super excited to read.
Contributed by readaholic101
my favorites <3 (5 titles)
the books that i love the most :)
Contributed by ilovecupcakes
fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal/adventure books (32 titles)
A bunch of awesome books that I have enjoyed
Contributed by booklion246
Contemporary and Realistic Fiction (12 titles)
Contributed by booklion246
Dystopian Awesomeness (15 titles)
All the dystopian/utopian books I have read. All of these are part of a series.
Contributed by booklion246
mystery (2 titles)
mystery fantsy
Contributed by skygirl
Best Series EVER!!!! (74 titles)
future books, fantasy books, some kid books that were just really good. These are the first books in the series and a few are not series
Contributed by sarbear16
My Top Ten Favorite Books/Series of 2013 (10 titles)
My favorites of all the books I read in 2013. The False Prince, The Goose Girl, Dragon Slippers, The Hunger Games, The Shadow of the Bear, and Matched are all the first book in a series.
Contributed by booklion246
my reading list (80 titles)
All the books I want, or need, to read. Right now I'm currently reading The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
Contributed by booklion246
For you Peepz (4 titles)
Contributed by Roxkin Reader
If you liked Mortal Instruments (22 titles)
Finding out who you are-Females
Contributed by hanna0498
My Reading Wishlist (64 titles)
All the books I want to read, but haven't had time to yet. I'm hoping to read them all by next year.
Contributed by ceids99
Highly Recommended for Teens! (44 titles)
Novels for teens that are too good not to share
Contributed by maple grove library
Let the games begin! YA fiction about games and gaming. (29 titles)
Teen fiction centered around games and gaing. Everything from roleplaying games, virtual reality games, brutal dystopian games of survival, computer games, and everything in between.
Contributed by theycallmeej
Best books I have ever read! (11 titles)
Have fun reading any of the books in this list! Trust me, they are all good. Recommended for ages 10+.
Contributed by figuresk8er
9 Books Scarier Than Any Horror Movie (originally posted on Mashable by Molly Horan) (9 titles)
Recreated here to link to books found in Hennepin County Libraries. The list was originally posted on Mashable by Molly Horan
Contributed by shereads
While you are waiting for the Fault in Our Stars (16 titles)
The problem with Really Good Books Everyone is Talking About is that everyone else is trying to read them too...Here is a list of books to take a look at while you are waiting. Some are sad, some are sarcastic, mostly they are ones I like, but they are all worth checking out!
Contributed by Jessica Z
All the books I read this summer (17 titles)
from July-September
Contributed by ceids99
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