Executive Committee meeting summary - August 8, 2018

The public is welcome at all library board meetings

The Library Board Executive Committee met Wednesday, August 08, 2018, Hosmer Library, meeting room.


Committee members: Chair Katherine Blauvelt, Chris Damsgard, Jonathan Gaw, and Erin Vrieze Daniels.

Library Board members: Rahfat Hussain, Sheila Letscher, and Margy Ligon.

Staff: Johannah Genett, Greg Gidden, Janet Mills, Lois Langer Thompson, Lois Lenroot-Ernt, Tracy Thompson, and Ali Turner.

Welcome and Call to Order

Chair Katherine Blauvelt called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. and welcomed attendees.

Approval of agenda and meeting summary

Jonathan Gaw made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Chris Damsgard, motion passed.

Erin Vrieze Daniels made a motion to approve the June 06, 2018, meeting summary; seconded by Jonathan Gaw, motion passed.

Public Comment


2018 – 2019 Library Board Dialogues

Johannah Genett, Resource Services Division Manager, and Gregg Gidden, Patron Experience Supervisor, led a facilitated discussion on 2018 – 2019 Library Board Dialogues.

Discussion included:

  • The benefit of the dialogues in fulfilling the Library Board’s advisory role to assist staff in strategic planning and clarifying goals within the larger context of County goals
  • The need for all members to come prepared, having read the materials in advance. Board members suggested receiving materials further in advance of meetings.
  • The role of Board members in representing the community. The committee will continue this discussion at a future meeting.
  • The need for more context for the collection dialogue, models from other library systems or organizations that we may be able to adapt or learn from, and staff presentations on how items are chosen for our Collection.
  • Request for specific examples of tensions, challenges, gaps and choices HCL is making to ensure the dialogues are practical.
  • Provide summaries from previous presentation as part of the Boar packet.
  • How the board can better tell the Library story to build awareness and support, how to help leverage the Library’s annual report, and what numbers help tell that story to help reinforce work in our communities.
  • Clarify the primary audience and how to best obtain buy in from key stakeholders.
  • The need to speak to our communities and make sure they believe in our libraries so that they will elect leaders that also support the Library.
  • The desire to use data to support our story, not wanting to build a story from data first.

Library staff thanked the Board for the discussion and will use the information from the discussion in preparation for the upcoming dialogues.

Friends of HCL Funding – Review 2019 Request

Ali Turner, System Services Division Manager, provided an overview of the 2019 HCL Funding request from the Friends of Hennepin County Library (FHCL).

Erin Vrieze Daniels made a motion to move the request to full board for review and approval; seconded by Jonathan Gaw, motion passed.

2019 Library Board & Executive Committee Meeting Dates and Locations

The committee reviewed the proposed 2019 Library Board and Executive Committee meeting dates and locations; the Committee recommends it be presented to the board for review and approval.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Library Board Executive Committee is Wednesday, February 27, 5:30 p.m., Golden Valley Library, Meeting Room.


Katherine Blauvelt made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:52 p.m.; seconded by Chris Damsgard, motion passed.