Executive Committee meeting summary - October 21, 2020

The public is welcome at all library board meetings


Present: Sheila Letscher, Tim Dolan, Sam Neisen, Erin Vrieze Daniels and LaBelle Nambangi

Hennepin County Staff: Chad Helton, Janet Mills, Ali Turner and Jeannette Lewis


Welcome and Call to Order

Chair Erin Vrieze Daniels called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. and welcomed attendees.

Approval of Agenda and Meeting summary

Sheila Letscher made a motion to approve the October 21, 2020 agenda; second by Tim Dolan.

Sheila Letscher made a motion to approve the June 3, 2020 meeting summary; second by Tim Dolan.

Virtual Meeting Rules

Committee members discussed virtual meeting rules. Full board and committee meeting invites should only include board members and presenters for the LIVE event meeting. Roll call for presenters is also helpful in confirming who is in the LIVE meeting.

HCL staff and members of the public should attend the meetings using the link on the HCL public website. This process will allow the board chair to better interact with board members during the meetings. Committee members agreed that a power point presentation will only be necessary when there is content about an agenda topic to present.

Board Member On-Boarding

Hennepin County Commissioners appointed three new members to the Library Board. The new members are Keegan Xavi, Gordy Aune, Jr. and Jane Brissett, appointed on October 20, 2020. Committee members discussed the on-boarding process for the new members. There will be a virtual orientation and mentor process in place for the new members.

Strategic Plan

Committee members participated in open discussion about the Library’s 2011 – 2025 Strategic Plan. In 2021, the board plans to engage in work and discussion around strategic planning. Library Director Chad Helton gave some ideas and examples of how the board can collaborate with library staff on the strategic planning work.

Goals and Initiatives to the Library Foundation

County Commissioner Resolution #96-11-695 states that “the Hennepin County Library Board shall articulate and endorse major library system goals and initiatives for which significant private financial support and partnership will be necessary to ensure success, and the Library Board shall undertake a regular process for recommendation of these goals to The Library Foundation of Hennepin County (Friends of the Hennepin County Library) for consideration and development.”

New Business

The committee discussed agenda items for the November 18, 2020 full Library Board meeting.


Chair Erin Vrieze Daniels adjourned the meeting at 6:15 p.m.