Tim Dolan appointed to the Hennepin County Library Board

Former Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan is the newest member of the Hennepin County Library Board. At their February 23 meeting, the Hennepin County Board appointed Dolan to fill the position vacated by Jane Shanard, who completed her terms, and reappointed incumbents Katherine Blauvelt and Christopher Damsgard, the board chair.

Two positions remain to be filled. The seats are currently held by Jill Joseph and Kathleen Lamb, who have served the maximum number of terms allowed on the Library board.

Dolan, who grew up in North Minneapolis, said his mother used to send him and his three brothers to Sumner Library. She required that they bring home books to prove they had been there.

“As a precinct commander, and chief too, I saw what libraries did, especially in the inner city,” he said. “I looked at them as oases in the city for kids to not only get peace and quiet and places to study and books, but also able to use the internet if they wanted to. It was one of those ongoing programs in the city that I always thought worked.”

Dolan will serve on the board through 2019.