Online résumé tools

Hennepin County has joined numerous community partners and four other U.S. communities in a 100-day challenge to combat youth homelessness.

The challenge goals are to help 150 youth between the ages of 16 - 24 exit homelessness into safe and stable housing, and that 75 percent of this group will secure employment, which could include jobs, job training and credentialing and paid internships.

The library offers tools that can assist job-seeking teens. We have online tools that provide support for job searching, interview skills and résumé writing.

Job and Career Accelerator - Resources and guidance for career exploration and job searching, including current job listings, tips for job interviews, and guides for creating professional résumés and cover letters.

JobNow - Live interview coaching, online résumé and cover letter assistance. Offers practice tests, online writing lab, and skill building tools in math, reading and writing.

LearningExpress Library - Resources for basic computer and academic skill building, job preparation and career advancement. Includes interactive tutorials, online books and test preparation tools for GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and military and occupational exams. - Top-quality video tutorials taught by recognized industry experts. Lessons are for all skill levels and include a wide variety of topic areas including business skills and software; Web design and development; music, photo and video editing; and 3D design and animation. Includes tutorials on résumé writing.

MCIS (Minnesota Career Information System) - Available only in a library. Comprehensive career, education and industry information specific to Minnesota. Provides résumé creator, and other tools and guidance for career planning and job searching, and information for planning and funding education.

OptimalResume - Résumé and cover letter creation. Includes job search tools such as practice interviews and skills assessment.