Celebrate Asia this fall

Learn more about Asian culture at your library this fall. Local authors, Henna workshops, an introduction to Gayageum, Moon and Dashain festivals are some of the events offered this fall. Funded by Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Events in September

Filipino Culture

Join us in celebrating the Filipino culture with traditional stories, songs and traditional dance performances. Collaborator: Cultural Society of Filipino Americans of Minnesota (CSFA).

Henna Workshop

Learn the basics of henna in a hands-on workshop led by artist Amy Leinen. Discover the history and science of henna through paste-making and cone-rolling demonstrations. Then, using tips and tricks, apply henna yourself. Materials provided.

Moon Festival

Enjoy moon tales, cultural performances, dancing along with Hoang Anh Dance Group, lantern making, and a lantern parade with Hung Vuong Association of Minnesota. Collaborators: Richfield Police Multicultural Advisory Committee, Richfield Public Safety, Phoenix Cove Adult Day Center.

Author Talk: 신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin

Join us as 신 선 영 Sun Yung Shin, winner of the 2016 Minnesota Book Award for poetry, discusses her Korean heritage, immigration story and Asian American experience, and how they informed her work as a poet. Sponsor: Friends of the Plymouth Library.

Lê Văn Khoa: A Lifetime of Arts

Lê Văn Khoa, a composer, photographer and educator, came to the United States as a war refugee from Vietnam in May 1975. The documentary movie trailer highlights his journey and devotion over 65 years in preserving Vietnamese culture, music and arts; his nurturing younger generations to become music performers and composers; and his lifelong commitment to transcend Vietnamese music beyond the borders of a country to reach the whole world. After the viewing, meet and talk with Lê Văn Khoa and Vietnam Film Club members. There will be a special appearance by singer Ngoc Hà and local musician Ánh Hà. Collaborators: Vietnam Film Club, Saigon Nho Minnesota, Phoenix Cove Adult Day Center.

Events in October

Gayageum for Absolute Beginners

Experience music from a different culture and be inspired by new sounds, a new instrument and new music! The gayageum is a traditional Korean stringed instrument with 12 silk strings. Soojin Lee will introduce the instrument and its historical background. Learn a simple Korean folk song (arirang), sing with the gayageum accompaniment, and make your own miniature gayageum with some recycling materials. Materials provided.


Maureen Santiago will present a musical performance that includes an autobiographical narration of a Malaysian Indian born and raised in Malaysia and now an American resident. She'll entertain with a contemporary English music performance, and also describe her Malaysian/Indian heritage, including a description of Malaysia, its culture and history.

Dashain Festival

This "Dashain in the Himalayas" presentation will take you deeper into the heart of the Hindu Nepalese people. Explore the origins of the 15-day festival that celebrates the victories of Hindu gods and goddesses over demons, and learn about the cultural significance of each day. A Nepali dance performance in honor of Dashain and a blessing ceremony by community elders will follow the presentation. Collaborator: Association of Nepalis in Minnesota (ANMN).

Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandala

Learn about mandalas – beautiful sand structures created by Buddhist monks. Using colored sand, the process includes meditation, chanting and asking for healing blessings. The collected sand is then released back into nature in a river, symbolizing the impermanence of life and the world. Collaborator: Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery.

Author Talk: Kate Anne Kang

Kate Gjerde (who writes under the pen name Kate Anne Kang) will read from and speak about the writing of her memoir "Given Away." The book is a portrait of a childhood spent in two very different worlds – Korea and America. It is a story of race and of belonging; a story that asks complicated questions of home, family and self.

Events in November

Thai Festival of Lights

Join us for a fun and lively celebration of Loy Krathong, known as the Thai Festival of Lights. Kick off the program with a drum parade – you are welcome to join! Learn about Thai culture through enchanting dances showcasing traditional costumes and music, and make a Krathong craft. Materials provided. Collaborator: Wat Thai of Minnesota.