Celebration of Japanese Sumi-e Painting

Sumi-e exhibit

See original artworks in sumi-e, calligraphy, and other Japanese art forms such as nihonga and shibori, on display December 5-January 30 in Cargill Hall at Minneapolis Central Library.

Sumi-e, or Japanese ink painting, is a 2,000-year-old art form brought to Japan through Korea and China. Evolved to become more subtle and more elegant, the art remains rooted in spirituality, concentration, clarity and simplicity. Learn more about Sumi-e painting.

The sumi-e artist’s tools include “four treasures:" ink stick (sumi), ink stone (suzuri), brush (fude) and rice paper (washi). Brush strokes are done with one’s “mind’s eye” to capture the subject with life, spirit and liveliness, though not necessarily with realism or exactness.

This exhibit is presented by the Minnesota Japan America Sumi-e Club.

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Sumi-e, Japanese Ink Painting

Learn the art of sumi-e, Japanese ink painting. A skilled sumi-e artist will demonstrate the traditional techniques. Following the demo, you will be guided through the process and will explore the technique on paper or on magic cloth, an impermanent and meditative method of practicing the art form. Materials provided. Collaborator: Minnesota Japan America Sumi-e Club.