My HCL tip: Grouped search

multiple formats

A new feature in the library catalog, the Grouped search view brings together different formats of the same title into one grouping. Whether you prefer eBooks or print books, audiobook on CD or downloadable, it’s now even easier to find available formats and choose the one that’s right for you.

The default view in the catalog for all patrons is now Grouped search. You can still choose other views such as Jacket view, which was the previous default view. If you change your search view, the search tool will remember your choice and display search results in your chosen view on future visits.

Format chooser added

Once you click on an item that has multiple formats, there is a Format Chooser that allows you to easily toggle between multiple formats of a work. This is similar to how a search on looks when a book has multiple formats.

The Format Chooser displays below the title and author information on the catalog record page. Up to three formats appear in the Format Chooser. If a title is available in more than three formats, these are listed below the Format Chooser. A "View all formats and editions" link will move you back to search and provides you with a display of all formats and editions of the title you’re looking at.