April is National Car Care Month


Your library has resources available to help you take care of your car, including ALLDATA and repair guides you can check out. National Car Care Month brings attention to the importance of car repair and preventative maintenance. Because it is always good to get your car ready for spring and winter, there are two car care months: National Car Care Month in April and Fall Car Care Month in October.

Ever since cars became a commonplace sight on local roads and streets, your library has collected manuals on how to repair them. There are reference manuals available at our libraries and repair guides that can be checked out.

We recently renewed our subscription to ALLDATA after a one-year hiatus. It replaces a subscription to Chilton Library. Use ALLDATA to find diagnostic and repair information on more than 30,000 vehicles, 1982 and newer. ALLDATA is an online resource and is available only in your library.