New classes boost skills in media arts and technologies

Computer class

Boost your technology skills and learn more about media arts with a new series of classes beginning this month at your library.

Presented by the Twin Cities Media Alliance, the media arts and communication classes will explore image editing, social media, collaborative online tools like Google Docs, smartphone basics, protecting online privacy, and more. Skills can be applied for personal or business use.

Sponsored by MELSA (Metropolitan Library Service Agency).

Spring 2019 classes

Identify Theft

An identity thief can hijack your tax refund, alter your medical records, and prevent you from getting credit or a job. Learn what identity theft is, how to protect your identity and avoid identity theft, and discover clear action steps to take if it does happen to you.

Make the Most of Google Drive and Google Docs

Learn about using the free, online tools contained in Google Drive. Discover how to get started with Google's versions of documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations and more. Share and collaborate with friends, family and co-workers and access your files from anywhere.

Introduction to Image Editing

Ever wonder what to do with your digital photos? Find out how to take your photography to the next level. Learn about the top free editing applications, including Pixlr, Gimp and VSCO. Discover the basics of cropping, saturation, contrast, exposure and color temperature to enhance the quality of your photos. Bring your own laptop or device with some digital photos to edit, if possible.

Branding Your Business or Organization for Success

Every business or organization needs a brand to successfully communicate who are you, what you do and why. Leave with an action plan for developing and implementing your organization’s brand across a website, in social media and in print. Bring your own laptop or device if possible.

Google Tools

Learn about products and services (often free) Google has developed to aid in collaboration, accessibility and business marketing. A Google account gives you access to powerful tools including Gmail, Gchat, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Maps and more. Learn the basics of using these tools to achieve your personal and professional goals. Bring your own laptop or device if possible.

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Business

Learn what a marketing plan is, why you need one for your business or organization, and leave with a template for creating one. Discover how to set goals and achieve them over the next 12 months. Bring your own laptop or device if possible.

Protect Your Privacy: Staying Safe Online, Part 1

From email to social media and e-commerce, modern life leaves digital footprints everywhere. How can you ensure that your internet browsing, purchases, email and other online activity is safe and secure? This overview of online security basics will include anonymous browsing, maintaining devices, reading URLs, better passwords and avoiding phishing. Discover the tools and techniques you need to protect your online information.

Smartphone Basics and Security

Mobile devices are a storehouse of personal data and online activity, and are targets of hackers and thieves. Learn which basic security settings are right for you and how to configure them. Topics covered include PINs and password managers, apps and backups, Wi-Fi and VPNs, remote wipe, encryption and smartphone scams.

Twitter 101

What is Twitter, and how can you use it effectively to connect with your followers, be they friends, colleagues or potential customers? Go from being a novice to a power user. Bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

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