Basic computer skills classes at Minneapolis Central Library

Computer classes at Minneapolis Central

Minneapolis Central Library is offering basic computer classes taught by an AmeriCorps member through the Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP). CTEP AmeriCorps helps youth and adults learn computer skills to have a chance to access social, civic, educational and economic opportunities. Classes are listed on Hennepin County Library’s events page.


Digital literacy topics range from computer basics to how to use Microsoft Excel. Each topic is a two-part class, with each class lasting two hours. All classes are taught to Northstar Digital Literacy standards. After students finish the two classes on a certain topic they have the option to be tested and receive a Northstar Digital Literacy Certification on that topic. A certification can be an opportunity to list a new skill on your résumé.

Classes are taught in the Best Buy Learning Lab on the first floor of Minneapolis Central Library. Visit the events page for a topic you would like learn. To attend a class you must register for both parts through Hennepin County Library’s events page.

CTEP instructor

Abby is Minneapolis Central Library’s CTEP instructor. Since September 2018, Abby has taught classes on computer basics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and more. Abby is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in geography and is interested in pursuing a library science degree.

KARE 11 did a story about Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment on March 26. - "Literacy has become more complicated in recent years. Years ago, literacy was... if you could write your name, you were literate. Now days, it involves digital literacy. It involves... becoming literate to get jobs and to move on to higher education..."