Vinyl Revival: Lori Barbero

A Minnesota music legend

Lori Barbero has been a fixture in the Minneapolis music scene for decades. Whether it has been as drummer for the iconic punk rock band Babes in Toyland, for contributing photographs to First Avenue: Minnesota’s Mainroom or mentoring the next generation of women rockers, Barbero has changed the scene for the better.

Barbero formed the Minneapolis trio Babes in Toyland with lead singer/guitarist Kat Bjelland in 1987. Barbero also played drums for the Minneapolis bands Egg Twist and Koalas. She was also part owner of the now-defunct Minneapolis label Spanish Fly Records. Other feats include tour manager, vinyl-only DJ, bartender, music promoter, studio producer and assistant production manager for SXSW in Austin Texas. A music fanatic, her home has always been a rock ‘n’ roll hotel.

Vinyl Revival is a series of artist residencies, programs and listening opportunities at Minneapolis Central Library. This program highlights the vinyl collection at Minneapolis Central Library.

Programming around Vinyl Revival has included artist residencies. Each resident artist has selected new vinyl along with curating records from the existing Minneapolis Central Library collection. They then host events surrounding the theme of records and turntablism.

Funded by Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Join Lori at Minneapolis Central Library on June 8

Barbero will be at Minneapolis Central Library on Saturday June 8, 1 - 3 p.m. to share rock ‘n’ roll stories and tales from the road. Questions from the audience will be welcome.

We chronicled Barbero’s trip to the Electric Fetus to select the records in her curated collection on Facebook. Reserve the Vinyl Revival listening room to listen to the collection yourself.