Summer learning matters

Summer Learning

Why summer learning matters

When summer finally rolls around after nine months of school and focused learning, it’s hard to believe that a few months off could make a lasting impact on our children’s educational progress. Unfortunately, studies show that year after year, these little losses over the summer can have big-time effects. Check out this classic news report on the cumulative effects of what has been called the summer slide.

The good news: Learning is everywhere! Reading just four or five books over the summer and having fun while trying new things can help children start the next school year strong.

Reading for fun is learning

Comic books, magazines, game guides, maps, recipes, or reading a favorite book over and over – you might not think these are the same reading experiences as chapter books but different, silly and repeated doesn’t mean they don’t develop strong reading skills. Spend time encouraging and praising children’s reading choices! Developing their own tastes and exploring a variety of materials is an important part of children becoming self-directed readers and learners. Check out our expert library staff suggestions to find your next read.

Experiences are learning

Engaging experiences over the summer nourish and support learning. Take opportunities to connect and talk to children about activities: what did they see, smell or taste? Did they enjoy an activity? Why or why not? Help children reflect, observe and process the things they experience. Enhance your next trip to the playground, grocery store or baseball game with books and related information. Your library offers a variety of free events over the summer, including arts, science, technology and movement.

Math, science and art count, too!

Maybe reading isn’t a favorite activity. That’s okay! Creating, building and experimenting exercise brain muscles, too. Let kids follow their interests. Ask a library staff member for help supplementing interests with reading material.

Discover Summer. Here.

Your library is here to support you as a caregiver. Our summer learning opportunities are designed to be easy, fun, and flexible. Throughout the summer, youth can document and reflect on their reading with our Read Write Draw forms for kids, and Best Book Ever reviews for teens. Complete as many as you want from June 8-August 24.

Remember that learning and reading go hand in hand with summer fun!

Learn more by visiting our summer learning page.

This article was written by Ashley B., Eden Prairie Library and Minneapolis Central Library.