Join the Hennepin County Library Board in voicing opposition to new eBook and e-Audio pricing models

On Wednesday, September 25, the Hennepin County Library Board passed a resolution in opposition to new eBook and e-Audiobook pricing models that limit public libraries' ability to purchase and lend eBooks and e-Audiobooks.

Hennepin County Library asks library patrons to join the fight by signing the petition to question these new pricing models.

Recently, book publishers have introduced major changes in licensing materials to libraries:

  • Discontinuing perpetual licenses and instituting metered licenses, forcing libraries to repurchase after a certain timeframe or number of checkouts.
  • Charging libraries 3-5 times what they charge the general public.
  • Creating embargoes that delay or limit libraries’ access to lending for a certain timeframe, usually several months.

These changes impact public libraries' ability to offer e-materials given limited collection dollars.

Let your voice be heard by joining with the American Library Association, Public Library Association, Urban Libraries Council, Canadian Urban Libraries Council, eBook platform companies like Overdrive, and the Hennepin County Library Board in questioning the increased restrictions on digital library lending.

Hennepin County Library Board Resolution

WHEREAS, the publishers have recently announced new policies for eBooks and e-Audiobooks that severely limits public libraries' ability to purchase, or delays the purchase, of digital copies of materials and information; and

WHEREAS, these limitations make it difficult for libraries to fulfill their central mission of ensuring access to information for all, regardless of socioeconomic status and physical ability.

BE IT RESOLVED on this day September 25, 2019, that we, the Hennepin County Library Board call upon publishers, to postpone these recently announced policies and engage in a meaningful and direct dialogue with libraries, and other relevant stakeholders for the purpose of creating new policies that ensure equitable access to all Minnesotans, while recognizing the importance of a healthy publishing community.