Community Unity photography display at Franklin Library

Franklin Library is hosting an exhibit of photos by Ne-Dah-Ness this summer. The exhibit will be displayed on banners on the library's exterior fence, September 1-30. You can also view all of the images online.

Ne-Dah-Ness is a BIPOC photographic artisan from Leech Lake who creates her work by highlighting the beauty and symmetry in people, places and things that the average eye does not see.

The camera, various lenses and selecting the right setting are all essential in producing her art.

Ne-Dah-Ness captures emotion in her subjects that prompts a visceral reaction in her viewers. They say she has “The Eye of the Tiger”, and that her eyes are a magical gift, because they can create emotion and understanding. She specializes in the photographic genres of portraits, wildlife and wetlands, black and white, silhouettes, and creative beauty images.

Photography is her art form because it is an extension of who she is. The camera is her heart beat and the lenses are her eyes. Ne-Dah-Ness, founder of award winning Greene Photography, says her photos make time stand still and give a lifetime of memories for people to cherish and hold close. The people that are captivated by her photos motivate her to continue creating and mastering her craft — to influence and change perspectives as well as lives.

Interview with photographer Ne-Dah-Ness:

How did you become interested in photography?

My first interest in photography was in the fall of 2016, I had moved to Dickinson, ND. It started out as a hobby and I pushed it forward two years later.

When did you get your first camera?

In 2017.

What was it?

A Canon Rebel T5.

Do you remember a photograph that felt really impactful when you saw it?

When I first saw my photography on large canvas prints at the OIC building in Bemidji, MN I was so stunned, it looked completely different than looking at it on my laptop, there was so much detail and color in the print and seeing it large felt heartwarming.

How do you build rapport with those you seek to photograph?

It takes a lot to connect with the people and see their passion, if they're truly passionate about photography and show their dedication I pursue further. When someone has interest it’s completely different than being passionate about it, learning the difference is what it takes to be a great photographer. It takes time and detail just like an artist who uses paints on a canvas.

Are there colors or times of day or lighting that you are drawn to?

I love neutral colors and evening shots, there are so many golden colors during golden hour and perfect lighting and shading, if you can manipulate what you see in person vs. what the camera sees.

What is one of the most memorable experiences you've had while photographing?

Concerts, the life behind stage, what your limits are, where you can go, building a relationship with the performers so they trust you to take their photo.

Has there been a time when you didn't have a camera that you wish you had?

In 2016 through 2017 I had no camera, I was using an iPad for photography. I started going to a photography club to learn more about photographing and sharing my work. The guys there decided to find a way to get me a new camera and my dedication and hard work paid off, the following month they had a camera for me.

What was it?

I had received a Canon Rebel T5. It was a DSLR which means I could experiment with different lenses.

What advice would you give someone just starting out with a camera?

Perseverance, dedication, creativity, do not ever give up what you envision. Learn your camera like the back of your hand, once you get familiar with your camera you'll be able to take the perfect shots of what you see.