Government Documents available online

Federal government agencies remain robust sources for information on virtually any subject. There are over 120,000 online government resources available through links in our catalog, including resources in over 40 different languages.

Practical information that is valuable right now includes everything from Census 2020 to COVID-19 and the federal CARES Act to land and water conservation to the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Library of Congress subject heading for COVID-19 (Disease) is so brand-new that many catalog records don't contain it, so try keywords 'coronavirus' or 'COVID'.

In addition, search for COVID-19-related electronic documents in languages other than English.

To find these documents in the catalog, filter by format: website or online data; or use keywords: online government resource.

More government information online sources available from your library.

The FDPL Basic Collection: Core U.S. Government Resources - the basic collection all Federal depository libraries are required to offer library users.