Get started using Microsoft Teams to view and participate in virtual library events

Hennepin County Library is using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Live Events for virtual events. Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing tool, and is available to participants for free. It can be downloaded to your device, or you can use it in your web browser. Here are tips on using Microsoft Teams.

Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams Meetings are used for discussion-based events, such as book clubs.

  1. After you register for a library event, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive a separate email with the meeting link from the event organizer as the event approaches. This link will not be automatically emailed to you when you register.
  2. Before the event, explore the options for joining the event. Do you want to download the Microsoft Teams app or join using your web browser? Do you want to use your computer or a mobile device?
    If you are using a computer or laptop, on Windows PC use the Edge web browser and on a Mac use the Chrome web browser to access the meeting link. Microsoft Teams functions best in these browsers if you don’t download the Microsoft Teams app.If you are using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, download the Microsoft Teams app for the best experience. You can click on the meeting link in the email from the event organizer at any time to test out your software or app. The link will open in the Microsoft Teams app if it is already downloaded, or it will direct you to your device’s app store to download for free.
  3. Select Join as a guest and enter your name. You will be admitted to the “lobby.” Once the event starts, the event organizer will admit you to the event. Note: we do not recommend joining with your Microsoft account as this requires additional steps.
  4. If you have questions about Microsoft Teams, please contact the event organizer or Ask Us.

Joining a Microsoft Teams Live Event

Microsoft Teams Live Events are used for events with a presenter and limited audience participation. There may be a Q&A option, but it is more of a spectator experience.

A link will be provided in the event listing for you to join the event. You can join in your web browser or the Microsoft Teams app (recommended)

Virtual event tips

  • Keep your mic muted when you aren’t speaking.
  • Be aware of when your video is on and remember other participants can see you.
  • Eat before or after the discussion.
  • Notify others in your household that you are participating in a virtual event or discussion.
  • Visits from pets are encouraged.
  • Respect one another and enjoy the event.