A message to our community from your library staff

The staff of Hennepin County Library believe that Black Lives Matter. George Floyd was murdered because systemic racism supports police violence. The Library is a part of that system. We acknowledge that our buildings and our feet are on Dakota land and that our institutions and practices reinforce and perpetuate systems of inequity.

We are striving to listen, learn, educate and make critical changes that reflect our values as both community members and library staff. Days have passed since our communities erupted in pain and protest over centuries of white supremacy, abuse and injustice. So much has happened and the future is uncertain.

We will take action to ensure the future is equitable and safe for library patrons, staff, and our wider communities. The efforts of community members to protect our libraries and clean up damages have touched our hearts.

You have stood with us time and again. Thank you. As you call for justice and protest for change, we stand by you in turn.

Please join us in listening, learning and taking action.

#WorldAgainstRacism #AntiRacism #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe #BLM #AmericanIndianMovement #ReadBlackAuthors #NativeWriters #IndigenousReads #WeNeedDiverseBooks