The Unexpected: A Confluence of Elements

Cargill Gallery on the 2nd floor of Minneapolis Central Library will host a book arts exhibit from Monday, December 4, 2021 to Saturday, January 30, 2022.

A rich transformation occurs where ideas and materials interact. The book as narrative and container opens the mind to possibilities beyond simple mark making and sheet forming. Simply stated, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

The works in this show are steeped in the traditions and craft of the book, but not limited by them. There is a freedom to explore and play that comes with years of experience and developed skill. The results can be curious to eccentric, quirky to progressive, all while asking the questions of life, finding paradox, resistance and raising more questions.

Art and books connect us to our existence, and coexistence. Here is a world that seeks to articulate and clarify the most elusive thoughts and feelings. Here you see the expected and the unexpected as they touch the human condition.

The book artists

Marvel Grégoire is a letterpress book artist and paper artist. Using both image and text where she investigates a variety of contemporary themes and motifs. She enjoys the interplay of the book as an intimate container of messages and paper sculpture as a vessel of otherness. There is a sense of underlying playfulness in her work, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Karen C. Kinoshita sees her artistic practice is a tension of elements, where materials and form are layered with purpose and message, for every person to slow down, to see more, to arrive in an open field of conversations, and at times simply to enjoy.

Raven R. Miller is continuously experimenting with what constitutes a book. Beyond still and moving images, as a photographer and filmmaker, he uses handmade papers, to painting with water-based pigments, to deal with the inner memories from within all of us that emerge. His book making explores the translation of memories or thoughts to both respect memories and to allow a look inside one’s mind.

Bridget O’Malley is most curious about turning thoughts into objects as a way of understanding the universe. Everyone and every thing has a story. The empty pages of a book contain its narrative. Making paper by hand is a way of connecting to time, the passing of time. Its cycle is one of birth, life, death, rebirth. Plants are transformed to pulp, and paper. The story of sun, wind and rain felt by the plants become the spirit, texture, sound and ruffled edges of the paper.

C.B. Sherlock combines her love of nature, wordplay and unique book structures. She creates work that reflects the world around her, capturing the brilliant or the harsh moments of nature, visually layering her art with text and image. She creates art on the press, intuitively adding color, shape and words. It is a recipe that adds language, nature imagery and the expressive book structure. It brings the components together each time in new arrangements.