Eden Prairie Library design update and project timeline

As the Eden Prairie Library renovation approaches, county staff and project architects continue to refine design plans and the project timeline. Currently, the library is scheduled to close in January and reopen in fall 2019, with final dates yet to be determined.

Sustainability continues to be a focus of the design, with plans for electric vehicle charging stations and a solar power-ready building, as well as LED fixtures and improved entry points to reduce air infiltration.

Interior improvements are being finalized with a goal of supporting delivery of current and future library services at this high-use building.

The planned play and learn area for families and teen space will be complemented by new emphasis on features for school-age youth, including a magnetic wall, lounge furniture, tables for games and puzzles, and a reading nook.

A flexible-use space in the northwest area of the library will support core services such as storytime and space for schoolwork and will be open for patrons when not in use for library programs.

As previously announced, plans include infrastructure and building system improvements needed for code compliance and longevity:

  • Exterior building shell, pedestrian walkway and paved surface repairs
  • Improved stormwater management
  • Updates to HVAC and electrical systems; technology system upgrades
  • New book return; replacement of materials handling equipment

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