Hosmer Library renovation May 31 community meeting summary

Hosmer Library will be undergoing a renovation in the next year. A community meeting was held on May 31, 2017 to hear from the public about their wishes for the new space.

Here are their comments.

Q) How can the newly remodeled Hosmer Library represent the communities it serves?

Participants spoke about the need for flexible spaces that can adapt to future needs and that can be used by everyone on the community.
Multipurpose meeting rooms was cited as a need.

Q) How do you use the library today? What is most special? What would you improve?

Respondents use the collections and asked that the collection size be maintained. Others spoke about the need for improved lighting and greater variety in landscaping.
A participant spoke about the large community space upstairs and ask that the furniture there be flexible to accommodate large gatherings.

Q) What are the qualities that make for good experiences in a library building?

One person asked that the library consider locating meeting/study rooms on the lower level and placing teen spaces on main level where staff are.
A desire for more visual art was expressed.
Provide accommodations for seniors and those with special needs (access to book shelves, appropriate seating options, reading/hearing aids) was also voiced.
Handicap parking that was more accessible was requested and entry ways that are protected from snow and ice.

Q) How can the newly remodeled Hosmer Library best serve you? What resources and services should we be providing?

A participant asked that there be technology training sessions and the opportunity to rent IPods. Another requested two small meeting rooms and two large meeting rooms.
A person asked that there be more programs in the evenings for working seniors.

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