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You see librarian PATRICK JONES who says:

The Hennepin County Library’s Outreach At Home program is actually two programs in one. One is an At Home by mail service where people who are homebound for whatever reason, disability...something of that nature, they call us, tell us what items they would like: magazines, books, dvds...

We put them in a blue canvas mailing bag, we mail them out every single day, goes to their house. No charge for the mailing, no charge for the service. And then when they’re done with the items they simply mail them back to us. And then the other one, if they do not want for whatever reason, us to mail items, we also have the At Home by volunteer service.

You see librarian JEANNE STEVENS who says:

It’s a complement to the other program, and we have about a hundred and twenty patrons who are served by about a hundred volunteers. You know our At Home the gamut in terms of who they are...there can be any number of reasons why someone needs or wants this service.

You see patron LOUISE who says:

The At Home service relates to me because I’m a freelance writer. The At Home service allows me to still live normally because I can read books. And without my sight I found how much I miss reading.

If I can tell a friend about the At Home service I’d tell them to call up and register if they qualify because so many people think "well, I don’t want to bother the library and I don’t want to cost extra" but the service is there, and I think people who are handicapped at home really should take advantage of it.

You see patron DONALD who says:

Do you remember the old Mary Tyler Moore show where Rhoda says that uh...the first thing she remembers...liking her that liked her back was food? Well, with me it was books and tv.

I have a lot of interests. I really enjoy politics. When Senator McGovern died on Monday I requested some information off the Internet on his passing from the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post." They have news, they can get newspapers all over the country.

But I just want to say that I firmly believe in this program, and it’s been a great help to me and my people in the building and...I thank God for the home library At Home service

You see volunteer CAROL who says:

This relationship has brought meaning to my life. This has, it has happened at a difficult time for me [pause]...because I am recently widowed...and I’m trying to reinvent myself, kind of. I’ve never been single before. This is a whole new experience for me.

I had done volunteering before at different places but this is, this is just a rewarding thing because it’s a one on one kind of a thing. And then I...I’m allowed know, just kind of pick stuff out for her. If she doesn’t like it, she tells me and I’ll pick something else out.

You see volunteer CAROL on the phone and she says:

Hi Gloria. This is Carol Williams. I’m calling to see...if you need any more books. I’ve got the library website up and I notice that you have a few things that are coming due. I can renew them for you or I can get you a couple of other things. I do have one that...has been on reserve that I’m going to pick up this morning, and then I will bring it with me.

[Carol listens to response from Gloria on other end of phone.]

Okay, good, I’ll see you later. Okay. Bye bye.

You see patron GLORIA and volunteer CAROL at Gloria's home and they say:

[Gloria and Carol greet each other and talk over each other]

CAROL: I brought you this.

GLORIA: This has been on hold for what, a month now?

CAROL: For a long time, a long time.

GLORIA:  This is great!

CAROL: The Carole King book is still on hold.

You see patron GLORIA who says:

I need to use At Home services because about four years ago I had a spinal cord injury, and it left me in the shape that I am in now. This is after a couple of neck operations. However, what it really amounts to is at this point in time I’m unable to walk.

For me it was not only the books that Carol brings me, but also the the new authors that she’s introduced me to all on her own. Uh...people that she’s real familiar with, books she’s read, and I happen to really love all of them. She’s got good taste. And...then it turns out that so many of the books that I ask for and/or talk about reading she has read; so it’s almost like having a miniature book club.

You see patron GLORIA and volunteer CAROL at Gloria's home and they say:

[Carol and Gloria talk over each other]

CAROL: Well, it was great seeing you.

GLORIA: Well, thanks so much!

CAROL: You're welcome. And I'll call you in a couple weeks.

GLORIA: Happy Halloween!

CAROL: You, too. Bye bye!

You see librarian PATRICK JONES who says:

You know the American Library Association has a slogan, "libraries change lives," and many for, most libraries that’s a slogan. What we do every day, that’s a reality. We improve lives.