One Percent for Art Policy

Hennepin County Library Administrative Policy


The purpose of this policy is to define the process for acquiring public art that is commissioned for the Hennepin County Library (HCL) as a part of the One Percent for Art program. Pursuant to the Hennepin County Library Board Commissioned Public Art Policy, it details the composition, responsibility, and authority of art selection committees and defines subsequent staff responsibilities for acquiring and maintaining the selected art.


Public art is defined as an original work of visual art that is accessible to the public. It is designed for a specific location, reflects the local community, and is intended to support the library as a gathering place where all residents come to learn, grow, and spend time together.

The One Percent for Art program was developed in accordance with Hennepin County Board Resolution No. 01-04-212 whereby one percent of the project costs associated with a Hennepin County Library building project of $1 million or more would be dedicated to the selection, purchase, and installation of works of public art. Project costs (in the context of the One Percent for Art program) encompass construction costs, architectural fees, and contingency.


A coordinated, participatory process is used to select and acquire the public art that is funded by the One Percent for Art program.

Art selection committees are formed for each capital project of $1 million or more. The Library Director (or designee), the Hennepin County Library Board President, and the Executive Director of the Friends of Hennepin County Library coordinate the formation of each committee.

Other groups participating in this process include the Library Building Project Team, the Public Art Project Team, and the Hennepin County Library Board.

Hennepin County Library Capital Projects staff, in consultation with the Library Director, secure an art consultant for each project.

The Library Director plays a consultative and oversight role throughout the process.

Composition of Participating Groups

The Art Selection Committee shall have 7-12 voting members including:

  • Library Board member
  • Community member(s) This may include Friends of the Hennepin County Library, local Friends group members, and/or Community Advisory Committee members
  • Architectural design representative
  • Arts community representative
  • HC Facility Services staff member
  • HCL administration designee
  • HCL staff member(s)

The Library Building Project Team includes representatives from:

  • Hennepin County Library
  • HC Facility Services
  • The architectural design team

The Public Art Project Team includes the following:

  • Art consultant
  • HC Facility Services Design and Construction designee
  • HCL Capital Projects staff member
  • Public Art Project Manager

Process Steps, Roles, and Responsibilities

  1. Members of the Library Building Project Team initiate the public process by planning for, or providing potential locations for art that is to be commissioned.
  2. The Public Art Project Team proposes the number of pieces to be commissioned, the art medium to be used, and the location where the art is to be installed. It coordinates pre-proposal visits for potential artists and a tour for the selected artist(s) during the fabrication and installation process. It also allocates the budget, coordinates the work, and provides support to the Art Selection Committee.
  3. The art consultant provides leadership and support to HCL and HC Facility Services in the areas including:
    • Project design and development
    • Call for artists to respond to Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
    • Art proposal evaluation, selection
    • Art selection committee facilitation
    • Community engagement and discussion
    • Contracting with artist
    • Art work fabrication, installation and dedication
  4. The Art Selection Committee
    • Evaluates the artist qualifications
    • Selects the finalists
    • Evaluates finalists’ proposals
    • Makes a recommendation to Library Director
  5. The Library Director confirms the recommendation and advances it to HC Facility Services
  6. HC Facility Services staff:
    • Contract with the art consultant
    • Contract with the artist and develop payment schedule
    • Arrange a site tour prior to the installation and final payment
    • Oversee art installation
    • Resolve any outstanding issues
  7. Once the commissioned public art is installed, the Library Board takes formal action to acknowledge and receive it.

Policy Review

This administrative policy is reviewed every four (4) years by the Strategic Services Division Manager (or designee) in coordination with the Library Board’s review of the Commissioned Public Art Policy. Upon completion of that review, this policy is revised or reaffirmed.

Policy History

Next review: 09/2018
Last reviewed/revised: 04/27/2015
Adopted: 11/10/2011